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First of all, let’s get one thing straight- protection dogs are the best form of security that money can buy. No matter whether you spend a fortune on CCTV cameras or spend hours trying to set up your intricate alarm...Reading Continue

The Cane Corso is a fantastic breed of protection dog, which uses its power and strength to ensure that you are kept safe. These dogs need an owner that knows what they’re doing, as they require a great deal of...Reading Continue

It’s time to stop looking through websites offering ineffective CCTV cameras and alarm systems, and instead get yourself looking for a well-trained protection dog. If you’re serious about keeping yourself protected and secure, then purchasing one of our canines really...Reading Continue

Unless you’ve been living on another planet for the past few days, you’ll have been hearing all about Andy Carroll’s recent escape from a couple of armed robbers. What has only recently come to light, however, is the fact that...Reading Continue

Throughout the world of dog training, there is one very common misconception: that protection dogs are exactly the same as guard dogs. Many people fail to see the differences between a well-trained protection dog and a guard dog, and this...Reading Continue

When it comes to choosing the right protection dog, you might just find that you’re stood scratching your head -as you simply cannot decide on which is the dog for you. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to...Reading Continue

When you decide to buy a protection dog, you are deciding to buy much more than just an upgrade to your current security system. Of course, a well-trained dog will prove much more effective in keeping you safe when compared...Reading Continue

There are few things in life that are as important as your own protection. You might be busy scouring the internet looking at CCTV cameras, intricate alarm systems and any other measures of personal or home security you can think...Reading Continue

A properly trained protection dog offers you a level of personal safety that other security measures simply cannot match. The vast range of efficient protection dog breeds is so vast, that every single one of us is able to find...Reading Continue

When it comes to your own safety and the security of your home, there are very few things in life that come close to being so important. It’s no secret that a well-trained protection dog offers you a certain standard...Reading Continue

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