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Why are Herding Breeds Often Used for Protection Work?

12 Apr 2023

A number of the most popular breeds used for protection and guarding work have roots in herding and shepherding. These include German, Belgian, and Dutch Shepherds, the Rottweiler, Giant Schnauzer, and livestock guardians such as the Turkish Kangal. Many of the characteristics demonstrated by good working shepherds are also required for guarding and protection, and over centuries these roles have somewhat converged. While these breeds are generally found guarding and protecting, they are equally comfortable in pastoral settings and owners would do well to remember what they were originally developed for.

Herding breeds combine high levels of intelligence with courage, physical robustness, and adaptability. They are inherently versatile and capable of stepping up to perform any number of tasks. As farmers’ requirements for a working dog became increasingly diverse, so too did the capabilities of the breeds which were subsequently developed. General purpose farm dogs drove livestock to market, guarded against intruders or predatory wildlife, controlled vermin, and protected their owners. Even in modern societies which place far less of an emphasis on agriculture, this utility endures.

It is no coincidence that the most versatile working dog breeds were originally developed for agricultural settings where herding was their main responsibility. No other breeds come close to how widely the German, Belgian, and Dutch Shepherds are employed around the world. Put simply, herding breeds often have all the characteristics we require to train and develop elite family protection dogs. They are outstanding dogs, and ones we are privileged to work with so often.

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