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A family protection dog is a dog that has been brought up with a family since it was a puppy. It has been fully trained to only react at command. They don’t make their own decisions, they know the difference from right and wrong and will protect the family when instructed to.
We believe the answer to this question is simple; A dog that has been suitably trained not only to live as a family pet but also as a guardian, who will respond to any threat on command without question. A dog which is loyal, trustworthy, obedient and courageous whilst still remaining calm and level headed under pressure. We have a regular supply of high quality German Shepherds, Dobermann and Cane Corso but we don’t rest on these 3 breeds. Due to our own passion in training & supplying different breeds we have been successful in supplying elite trained family protection Great Danes, Presa Canario, Boxer, Rottweiler, Belgium Malinois, Dutch Herder and Giant Schnauzer.
This depends on what sort of family your providing to. If you’re looking for a dog that’s laid back then a Cane Corso would be perfect. If you want a more active and agile dog then a Doberman and German shepherd would be an apt choice.
A well trained protection dog is much safer than a dog that has had no training. This is due to the fact that much like every human can punch, every dog can bite. However, a trained family protection dog understands right from wrong, and when biting is or is not allowed. A trained protection dog will understand that biting is only allowed when their handler gives them permission to do so, and will also reliably release on command. In contrast to this, and untrained dog will bite on impulse. If effectively trained and handled, a protection dog is very safe.
Much like humans, the amount of time required to train a dog will vary. Protection Dogs Worldwide has taken dogs through training courses ranging from three months to upwards of a year in some cases.
Any dog that we identify as being appropriate for protection training, and are able to work with will protect is owner regardless of breed.