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Can my Protection Dog Live With Other Animals?

13 Jun 2023

Many individuals or families approach us seeking a protection dog when they already own other pets. These have been as diverse as gerbils, rabbits, guinea pigs, and cats. In such cases, one of their first questions is whether or not out protection dogs can live with other animals. While each dog is an individual, broadly speaking, our answer will be yes.

We understand that the best protection dogs must be ready to live and work in the real world as it is, and multi-pet households are a reality they may well encounter. As the descendants of the Grey Wolf, dogs retain certain predatory characteristics, most notably a prey drive and inclination to chase. This does not prevent them from being able to live with other animals as an absolute rule, though. These tendencies vary on an individual basis, so while some dogs cannot be trusted around cats, others may well become acquire a feline best friend if they live with a suitably social cat. It is also worth stating that even dogs with a high prey drive can be conditioned to control their instincts.

As part of our comprehensive training package, we ensure that all dogs we sell and place have been fully exposed to a range of other animals they may encounter with their new families. They will also have been socialised with other dogs. We know our dogs extremely well, and will always advise on whether or not they can live with other pets. If this is the case, then we know what their limitations are, i.e. being friendly with cats, but likely to show signs of a prey drive around rabbits or guinea pigs.

If you already have a pet, be it another dog or rodents, please do not assume we are unable to find the right solution for you and your family. We keep our own protection dogs alongside a range of other animals including cats, parrots, pet dogs, and alpacas. This arrangement is very possible, and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about a protection dog living with other animals.

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