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About Us

We are driven by our passion to provide a bespoke service for every client. We take time getting to know you so that we understand your individual lifestyle requirements. We can then work together to find the right dog to fit into your life, through a seamless and comfortable transition. We maintain an honest and realistic policy: we deliver every time. What we say we will achieve with your dog is exactly what we will achieve.

Throughout the matching process, the welfare of the dog is always top priority. We only part with our dogs with the guarantee of a lasting relationship with our client. An after-care regime follows every purchase. This is so that we are certain of the happiness and well-being of client and dog.

For us, training is not a sport and we would never place a sport dog within a family home. We believe this is bad practice and morally wrong.

What Makes Us Different

Family Protection Dogs Arthur Family Dog
We are proud to remain a family run business since we believe our passion for dogs and dog-training comes naturally; a passion which began in our childhood and has since thrived with our continued canine devotion. We have chosen to live on site alongside all of our dogs because the nature of our work to us means far more than just an income.

In fact, we treat our dogs as family from the moment they join us to their departure as a fully trained Protection Dog. The sense of achievement has never faded, and it is a unique, heart-warming feeling to know a family is safe. For those who have been victims of crime our protection dogs can put an end to worry, giving them the opportunity they need to move on.

The work is hard but each time our investment is rewarded, and we are proud to be responsible for training dogs in a way that impacts and changes lives. The dogs are equally rewarded for their hard work as they are welcomed into a new, loving and lifelong home.

Our Morals As Trainers

It is not only damaging to our profession but also truly sad that companies which sell ‘Sports Dogs’ are focused on mass-production and profit maximisation. Dogs are wrongly ‘homed’ without due care or caution, often at extortionate unjustified costs.

Our focus is different.

We seek to educate our customers about what owning a family protection dog really means. Unlike other companies, we will teach and show you what to look out for when buying a protection dog – most importantly, we will help you learn the differences between a real protection dog and a sport dog.

Our Confidence To Deliver

We will never try to prevent you from visiting other companies, in fact should you wish to buy just a sport dog we would encourage you do just that! At Protection Dogs Worldwide, we are confident in the quality of our training, our knowledgeable experience, and our ability to deliver the best possible results. This is what makes us bespoke; this is what will make a genuine difference to your safety.

It is also why we do not buy semi-trained or trained dogs. We look for dogs who have been socialised from a puppy within a normal family environment, dogs that are not aggressive or damaged. In this sense, our dogs are a blank canvas. They are strong, stable pets from loving homes and this sense of stability is what continue to provide at Protection Dogs Worldwide. We create such an environment purposefully so that the dog is ready to understand what is expected of them, and to eventually protect on command.

Choosing The Right Dog

We have found that in the UK people tend to look for the strongest working (sports) dogs because they have high energy and a nonstop work ethic. While this looks impressive during an all-action 30 minute sales display, the reality of living with these dogs is extremely different. Day to day, these dogs demand both mental and physical simulation multiple times a day, every day, regardless of your schedule.
We often see these dogs wrongly sold on the basis that, for example, their taught reactiveness to an agitation whip is a positive and valuable asset. At Protection Dogs Worldwide however, we prefer to stick with honesty.

After all, when was the last time you were threatened by a perpetrator brandishing a whip?!

Contact Us

We welcome any queries and are happy to provide further information, so please get in touch – we would love to hear from you!