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We are driven by our passion to provide a bespoke service for every client, and make special efforts to get to know you and your family so that we can understand your individual needs. We enjoy working with clients to find them the ideal family protection dog, which transition as easily as possible from Protection Dogs Worldwide into their home. We maintain an honest and realistic policy,and deliver every time. What we say we will achieve with your dog is exactly what we will achieve.

Throughout the matching process, the dog’s welfare is always a key concern. We will only part ways with a dog if a lasting relationship with the client is guaranteed, and an after-care regime follows every purchase. This is to ensure the happiness of both the dog, and the client. We do not view training dogs as a sport, and would never place a sporting dog in a family home. This is bad practise, and morally wrong.

What Makes Us Different

We are proud to be a family run business, and our passion for dogs and training dogs comes naturally. This passion began in our childhood, and continues in our lifelong devotion to dogs. We live on the same site as our dogs, and from the moment we obtain a dog, we treat it like a family member until it enters the possession of its new handler.

We take a strong sense of achievement from our work, and this never fades. We are also proud to provide a degree of peace of mind to victims of crime, giving them the opportunity they need to move on. Training family protection dogs is not easy, but the personal rewards are huge. Our dogs are equally rewarded for their hard work when they are welcomed into a new and loving family home.

Our Morals As Trainers

Selling sporting dogs is not only damaging to our profession, but also sad, as it relies on mass production and profit maximisation. Such dogs are often wrongly harmed without due care or caution, and can actually endanger a family who purchase them on the expectation that they are trained protection dogs. We condemn this approach, and do not engage in it.

Our focus is different.

We seek to educate our customers about what owning a family protection dog really means, how to differentiate between a protection and sporting dog, and how to properly care for their family protection dog. When a dog is viewed as a family member, it is much harder to neglect and mistreat.

Our Confidence To Deliver

Perhaps surprisingly, we actually encourage you to visit other companies. In fact, if you wish to buy a sports dog, you should do just that! At Protection Dogs Worldwide, we are confident in the quality of our training, our knowledgeable experience, and our ability to deliver the best possible results. This is what makes us bespoke, and what will make a genuine difference to your safety.

This is also why we do not buy semi-trained or trained dogs. While we actively seek puppies raised within a normal family environment, our preference is to work with dogs who are effectively blank canvases. They must not be aggressive or damaged, and able to be moulded into the image that their handler desires. They must be capable of becoming stable pets who thrive in loving homes, and Protection Dogs Worldwide is proud to provide this in the early stages of their lives. We purposefully create such an environment so that when our dogs reach their next family home, they can easily adapt to and protect it.

Choosing The Right Dog

Generally speaking, British clients tend to seek the strongest working dogs because of their high energy levels, and strong work ethic. While this may appear impressive during a brief capability demonstration, in reality, living with such dogs is extremely difficult. On a daily basis, these dogs demand significant mental and physical stimulation several times a day, every day, regardless of your personal schedule, mood, or external factors such as the weather. Unfortunately, we often see these dogs sold on the false pretense that their reactiveness to an agitation whip is a valuable asset. At Protection Dogs Worldwide, we prefer to stick with honesty, though.

After all, when was the last time you were threatened by a perpetrator brandishing a whip?!

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