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Rottweilers as Family Protection Dogs

13 Apr 2023

Rottweilers are one of the best known and most popular dog breeds used for guarding and protection work. Developed in Germany, its original roles were to drive cattle to markets and guard its owner and family. While historically more used for unsupervised guarding, Rottweilers are now enjoying somewhat of a renaissance as personal and family protection dogs. Protection Dogs Worldwide has been leading British efforts at developing high-performance personal and family protection Rottweilers, and we are excited by the potential this breed offers.

Rottweilers are large, highly intelligent dogs that thrive when able to spend time with their people and given a job. True to their working roots, the Rottweiler demands a special kind of owner who is utterly dedicated to their dog. Responsible owners must be willing to spend significant amounts of time with their dog, invest effort into its training, and be committed to providing it with the best quality of life possible. Given their size and power, it is imperative that owners ensure their Rottweiler is fully obedient and socialised as widely as possible.

Given their intelligence, considered and appropriate enrichment is a must for all Rottweilers. We recommend balancing physically and mentally stimulating activities which allow a Rottweiler to express as many of its natural behaviours as possible. These can include long walks, hiding treats which need to be sniffed out, tracking, playing with a flirt pole, agility, and basic to advanced obedience.

True to their Molosser roots, Rottweilers form extremely strong bonds with their families. When combined with their protective nature, this potent combination makes Rottweilers one of the most natural candidates for family protection work. Given their reputation and imposing presence, this alone can often deter would-be attackers from attempting to trouble a family they know is protected by a Rottweiler. Rottweilers’ highly affectionate dispositions also make them good options for families with young children.

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