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Director and lead trainer

Leedor is the Founder and Lead Trainer at Protection Dogs Worldwide.

He first became involved in dog training while rehabilitating dogs branded as being overly aggressive, and has always lived with pet dogs. Leedor personally selects all of Protection Dogs Worldwide’s dogs by travelling throughout the world to visit elite breeders and family-run kennels. With a customer’s specific requirements in mind, he assesses each potential dog, and makes every effort to ensure that the most appropriate dog for them is identified.

He also works alongside the Manof K9 Institute, who are best known for supplying dogs to Israeli army and police special forces. He also regularly trains and works alongside other world authorities in dog training, including a number of international police forces. He has sourced, trained, and supplied protection dogs to a range of high profile clients. These have ranged from high-profile diplomats to celebrities, both in the UK and abroad. His special professional interest is developing dogs to Protection Dogs Worldwide’s “Elite” standard, and simulating realistic training scenarios.


Director and Trainer

Beth has always had a natural affinity with animals, and forms very close bonds with the dogs she trains.

Within Protection Dogs Worldwide, she brings a high level of expertise in obedience training, especially with younger dogs. She has outstanding animal husbandry training and knowledge, which has proved invaluable in maintaining our dogs in peak condition. She also supports Protection Dogs Worldwide’s ongoing business operations.


Head of Security

Roger is our Lead Security Consultant at Protection Dogs Worldwide.

He is a British Army veteran and spent most of his military career with 22 SAS where he handled dogs on operations in Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, and Africa. On leaving the military, he joined the private security sector and is a well-regarded hostile environment close protection operative, close protection instructor, and dog handler. His principals have included British government officials and Middle Eastern royalty, and his private sector work has taken him across Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti, and South America.


Roger holds a range of NASDU qualifications and supported anti-poaching efforts in Africa with his tracking, search, and detection expertise. Outside of work, he is a lifelong dog lover and enjoys spending time with the three dogs he currently owns.



Before joining PDW as our Kennel Supervisor, Emily spent 2 years as a Kennel Supervisor in a boarding kennel housing up to 60 dogs, she was also handling aggressive dogs in that time.

For 12 years, Emily owned a rescue dog with behavioural and health issues due to neglect and abuse which gave her a lot of the experience and knowledge she relies on when she works with dogs today. Emily has always preferred large dogs, she says “I don’t generally discriminate, and I like to assess every dog as an individual, but if I had to pick my favourite, it would have to be the Doberman”. Emily has a long term interest in dog training and protection work and loves helping any animal be the best versions of themselves. Emily is an accomplished horse trainer, particularly in liberty and trick work, having previously obtained sponsorships with photographers and working on calendars and shoots. She is hoping to expand her training knowledge into the dog world and take on any new experiences she can whilst also helping everyone at PDW be the best they can be, so the team as a whole can succeed.


Boarding Manager

Lydia has spent all her life around dogs and is not only our Boarding Manager at PDW but also a qualified dog groomer.

Before joining PDW, Lydia initially took a BTEC Level 3 in Animal Management (Behaviour and Welfare) at Bishop Burton College where she specialised in kennel management and dog training. After this, she earned Level 2 and 3 City & Guilds qualifications in Dog Grooming and has since managed her own dog grooming business. She has also worked at a boarding kennel that houses dogs seized by the police under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

As well as owning her own 3 dogs, Lydia often takes on our puppies which have been bred at PDW, for their home training.

Lydia enjoys working at PDW and looks forward to continuing to grow with her dog grooming business. She says “I love seeing how much has changed at PDW over the last nearly 7 years and I have learned so much, especially to do with how different breeds are different in their own ways, and I look forward to seeing what the future brings.”


Protection Dog Trainer

From a young age Joe has been around German Shepherds and Rottweilers and growing up has learned the breeds' characteristics, as well as taught them basic obedience.

Joe says “Not knowing what I wanted to do in life, I was introduced to Leedor by a family member and became his handyman. After several months Leedor offered me the opportunity to become a kennel assistant at PDW and I started my journey. During my time here I have learned so much and I am now one of the Head Trainers at PDW, training a variety of breeds in obedience and as a decoy in protection. I also get the opportunity to deliver dogs all over the world and have travelled to such destinations as Malaysia and Australia which I have always wanted to visit.”

During his spare time, Joe is excited to introduce his own young German Shepherd – who we are proud to have bred at PDW – to the world of protection sports.


Protection Dog Trainer

Dogs have always been part of Harvey’s life. Growing up with both of his parents working in the dog industry, wanting to become a trainer was very much a natural decision for him.

Harvey says “Joining PDW straight from college was one of the easiest decisions I’ve made. Starting as a Kennel Assistant and learning the basics of dogs day to day. Once the opportunity came a light that I could train dogs and travel the world doing it, I took it with both hands. Now training dogs daily and trying to perfect my craft day by day is something I will never look back on. The experience of travelling the world and meeting great people is a great pleasure. My favourite breed is the German Shepherd as they are the all round best dog for me.”


Protection Dog Trainer

Janko is one of our Head Trainers and Supervisors from Croatia who joined the PDW team in the summer of 2023.

Janko says: “In 2014 I started to walk dogs for a few customers. From walking and having my own dog I realised that this is something that I like to do on an everyday basis. In 2015 I took Gana (my personal dog) and started to train with her more often. From that point, I did private training sessions up until 2017 when I joined the Security Solutions Kennel Club in Croatia. After a year and a half of working with dogs there and being a Kennel Assistant, I got an opportunity to take the course to become a trainer and a helper recognized by the FCI. After finishing the whole course and finishing some sports competitions, I received my certificate. In 2020 I started to work as a Head Trainer in a newly opened dog hotel in Zagreb where I obtained extensive knowledge of different breeds of dogs and got a feeling of how the business with 50+ dogs operated daily.

After a year and a half, I left the hotel to pursue private training again where I mostly dealt with reactive dogs and their rehabilitation. In that process, I met a lot of desperate owners who couldn’t deal with them anymore and the process of helping the owners helped me understand the psychology behind human-dog relationships even more. And ultimately that led me to PDW.”


Protection Dog Trainer

Louis has had a passion for dogs for as long as he can remember.

. Louis says “Dogs were the only thing I was interested in. That’s when I knew I wanted to pursue a career within the dog world. I started out decoying for trial/sport dogs as the protection side of dog training has always been something I wanted to specialise in. I want to cover all aspects of dog training from obedience to the behavioural side of things and perfect them to the best of my ability.

PDW is a company I have dreamed of getting on board with for years, so it now feels great to have the opportunity to be part of the team.”


Residential Dog Trainer

Fabio is the Head Residential Dog Trainer at PDW Training.

With a keen focus on customer satisfaction, Fabio liaises with clients to ensure their needs are met. Fabio brings a unique passion and expertise to all our training programs, especially when it comes to protection training. As a decoy, he loves to develop and build dogs in their training. Fabio also specialises in testing and scenario training to complete the end result.

In his spare time, Fabio competes in multiple different dog sports and actively attends trials with his own dog called Switch.


Trainee Dog Trainer

After 3 years of working with a variety of breeds in a boarding kennel and completing a Level 2 qualification in Animal Care and Welfare, Kodi decided the right career choice for her was working with dogs.

Working at PDW has helped Kodi to expand her knowledge of dog training which has helped her to train her own German Shepherd called Nova, which she thoroughly enjoys doing in her free time. Kodi hopes to one day in the future own a different breed that will challenge her and help her develop her career to become a dog trainer.


Trainee Dog Trainer

Dogs have always been a core memory in Grace’s life, and she has always felt a natural pull toward them.

Grace had a variety of experiences before joining PDW, starting from her showing her personal dogs right from the age of 7, to professionally handling a variety of breeds for other people. From 14 years old, Grace worked in a boarding kennel gaining experience being a Kennel Assistant and training rescue dogs to be ready and rehabilitated to find their forever homes. Grace has also worked in a racing greyhound kennel, preparing the dogs to be race ready and exercising them up to standard to be conditioned enough to race. Grace has a passion for working dogs and obedience training and is excited to progress her knowledge in protection training here at PDW.



On leaving the military, Connor joined the PDW team as a Kennel Assistant.

During his time serving in the military, he decided to get a dog for himself and his partner. After researching into training and doing it practically, he fell in love with dog training. Connor now has a Cane Corso whom he has trained himself and is extremely happy with his progress. Connor hopes to progress his training skills with PDW and would like to learn more about the protection training and hopefully become a decoy.


Kennel Assistant

Lili has grown up with a passion for animals and started to ride horses at the age of 7. As she got older, she knew she wanted to work with animals.

Lili got her first dog and realised that being around dogs all day would be her dream job. After her first dog sadly passed away, she got her German Shepherd called Cash, and she quickly fell in love with the breed. Lili knew the dog industry was where she wanted to be, so she applied to do a Level 3 full time Animal Management course. After a few months, Lili realised that she wanted to be more hands on with the course and changed to an apprenticeship in Animal Welfare and Behaviour at Bishop Burton College. Lili attends college once a week and to help with her progress in practical learning is part of the PDW team as a Kennel Assistant. For her future goals, Lili hopes to continue to build her knowledge, work with a variety of dogs, and hopefully become a full time trainer at PDW.

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