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Whenever someone brings a new dog into their home, one of their earliest and most important tasks is starting the bonding process. This sets the foundation for their future relationship, builds trust, and facilitates companionship. We are often asked how...Reading Continue

One of the first questions we are often asked after providing potential customers with a quote is why are the dogs we train and sell so expensive? It would be correct to say that they are not cheap with prices...Reading Continue

Protection Dogs Worldwide offers extensive training programmes, both during the day and on a longer-term residential basis. Our clients have found that residential training offers a number of benefits which you may wish to consider. The first benefit of residential...Reading Continue

Bringing any kind of dog into your life will inevitably be exciting, especially if it is a puppy. The first weeks and months a dog is with you for are some of the most formative in its life, especially if...Reading Continue

From their earliest days, dogs have always been used for guarding and protective purposes. The first record of military working dogs dates back to 600BC, and they have served on battlefields with distinction since. Dogs guarding the home have been...Reading Continue

The Cane Corso and Presa Canario are two very popular working breeds commonly used for guarding and protection work. Both are large mastiff-types with roots in southern Europe. The Cane Corso is Italian, while the Presa Canario was developed in...Reading Continue

The Dobermann is one of the most popular breeds used for guarding and protection work. It is so iconic and recognisable that a Dobermann’s silhouette has become our company’s insignia. We believe this has been well-earned. Quite simply, the Dobermann...Reading Continue

At Protection Dogs Worldwide, we believe we are one of the UK’s best dog training providers. Our results speak for themselves. In the years since we started, we have expanded our operations around the world with a significant foreign customer...Reading Continue

Protection Dogs Worldwide have again begun to offer comprehensive training and obedience courses for dogs of all ages, including puppies. These training and obedience courses are run from our East Riding of Yorkshire headquarters, and are designed to offer the...Reading Continue

Many breeds have historically been utilised for guarding and personal protection work, but one that has stood out since its inception is the German Shepherd Dog. While the German Shepherd Dog, is just one of a handful of breeds we...Reading Continue

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