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Protection Dogs Worldwide have again begun to offer comprehensive training and obedience courses for dogs of all ages, including puppies. These training and obedience courses are run from our East Riding of Yorkshire headquarters, and are designed to offer the...Reading Continue

Many breeds have historically been utilised for guarding and personal protection work, but one that has stood out since its inception is the German Shepherd Dog. While the German Shepherd Dog, is just one of a handful of breeds we...Reading Continue

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, there has been a significant rise in dog and puppy ownership. Concurrently, demand for training sessions and courses has also gone up. Here are some tips on what you should look for when you want...Reading Continue

As dog trainers and lovers, we are often approached for advice on any number of animal husbandry matters. Training and behavioural issues are some of the most common questions we receive. While we offer our own in-house training programmes, they...Reading Continue

The German Shepherd Dog is perhaps the ultimate canine guardian and protector. It is one of the most popular breeds for family protection work, and is a stalwart of military and police working dog sections around the world. It is...Reading Continue

The Dobermann is an extremely popular breed for family protection work. It is so sought after that our company’s logo was chosen to reflect it, with a watchful Dobermann’s head being the first many people see of Protection Dogs Worldwide....Reading Continue

We are one of the world’s leading family protection dog trainers. Although based in the UK, export our dogs to continental Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, and Africa. We believe that this is because of the high levels we...Reading Continue

In our years of working with personal protection, family protection, and security dogs, we have come to understand that different clients have varying needs. It is for this reason that we have a three tier training system for working with...Reading Continue

Training and placing the best family protection dogs in the UK is our bread and butter. We have years of experience in helping individuals and families at risk find the perfect canine protector, both at home and around the world....Reading Continue

We are proud to offer the best family protection dogs in the world. Our client base speaks for itself, with the dogs we have trained finding themselves in the UK, across Europe, North America, Africa, and the Middle East. We...Reading Continue

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