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A protection dog can make an excellent asset for your personal or home security, but they should not be purchased or otherwise obtained lightly. By their nature, protection dogs are not the average family pet. Exceptionally driven and energetic, a...Reading Continue

Protection Dogs Worldwide very strongly believes that before being a protection dog, your K9 companion should be allowed to be, and enjoyed for being a dog. To this end, it is integral that any responsible dog owner invests time and...Reading Continue

A protection dog is utilised to protect an individual, and primarily acts on the direction of its handlers. This differentiates it from a guard dog or watch dog, which will act off its own volition, more often than not without...Reading Continue

One of the most common questions we are asked at Protection Dogs Worldwide is whether or not our dogs are safe around children. In a word, the answer is yes. Our company is proud to only supply trained protection dogs,...Reading Continue

Introduction It’s hard to date exactly when we first began to domesticate dogs and use their innate abilities to our advantage. What we can be sure of, is that, dogs were the first animals to become domesticated, making them truly...Reading Continue

Increase in knife and gun crime on the rise again not only in the UK but also across Europe (if not the world). As Police budgets become stretched home owners are resorting to trained family protection dogs. But what is...Reading Continue

When choosing a specific breed of protection dog, consideration should be given to which breed will best fit your lifestyle. Many clients join us at Protection Dogs Worldwide with the opinion of knowing what breed would best suit there family...Reading Continue

We believe the answer to this question is simple; A dog that has been suitably trained not only to live as a family pet but also as a guardian, who will respond to any threat on command without question. A...Reading Continue

We often receive enquiries to train client owned dogs or to be precise puppies. Although commencing ones training as soon as possible is commendable you need to understand the limitations of your puppy and that it really isn’t possible to...Reading Continue

Introduction Protection Dog Training undertaken correctly is indeed an art form and not something you should blindly subject your pet dog to. Throughout this blog I’ll hopefully share some knowledge and ask important questions which will help you make the...Reading Continue

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