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Getting a Cane Corso Puppy

2 Nov 2023

Cane Corsos are one of the most popular and effective breeds used for family protection work. They are a large and athletic mastiff-type dog originating from Italy where it was developed to hunt and protect its owners. While still somewhat rare in the UK, it is becoming more popular and demand for Corso puppies is increasing. Given how large and powerful Cane Corsos become as they develop into adult dogs, it is imperative that owners set them up for success during their puppyhood.

Much of the best advice for Cane Corso puppies equally applies to all other young dogs, starting from when approaching a breeder. Finding a reputable and responsible breeder should be the first step anyone looking for a puppy takes, and in most cases, these are licenced by local councils. The Kennel Club also manages an Assured Breeders scheme which “certifies and promotes responsible dog breeders who make animal health and welfare their priority”. The best and most responsible breeders will be transparent, happy to answer any questions you may have, and invite you to see the puppies you are interested in along with their mother. They will never offer to sell puppies younger than eight weeks, and a waiting list is often a good sign as it likely indicates that a bitch is not being overbred.

When your Corso puppy comes home with you, it is a good idea to immediately begin positive reward-based obedience training to set boundaries and expectations that will last its lifetime. Training them to become good pets is best and easiest done while they are still young and relatively small. Socialisation and environmental exposure are critical during a dog’s first year, and we recommend that all young Corsos are exposed to a range of unfamiliar people, dogs, and settings from an early age. A working protection dog should be approachable but suspicious rather than reactive, and early socialisation goes a long way in ensuring this.

Perhaps surprisingly given their large size, Cane Corsos grow and develop considerably more slowly than many other breeds. If you feel that your Corso poppy is not growing as you would expect, this is rarely cause for concern, and seeking advice from your vet will often assuage any worries you may have. All puppies enjoy chewing, especially when teething, and Cane Corsos are no different. Once your Corso puppy has reached the teething stage, robust chew toys such as Kongs are an excellent way to non-destructively channel these desires. As with other bully breeds, Corsos tend to be orally fixated and are particularly likely to enjoy chew toys through their adulthood as well.

For more information about getting a Cane Corso puppy or to book your dog onto one of our puppy bootcamps, please email [email protected].

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