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Why are Protection Dogs So Popular with Families?

16 Oct 2023

In recent years, we have seen a significant increase in interest from families seeking to purchase a protection dog. While this may seem surprising, protection dogs are in fact an excellent way to help families, including with children, feel more secure and deter against would-be attackers or burglars. Protection dogs have a lot to offer, and are an excellent starting point for increasing home security.

Close protection teams and residential security do have their place, but one of their primary shortcomings is how they can hinder a family’s ability to live a relatively normal life. A heavy and obtrusive security presence is not always desirable, and may actually attract attention where discretion is preferable. Dogs of any kind are a powerful deterrent against untoward activities, but are also commonplace enough that their presence does not necessarily indicate a high-value target for burglars or kidnappers. Even a sign indicating that a dog lives in a property can be enough to deter a casual burglar given the unwanted attention loud barking would draw, especially late at night.

Another reason why protection dogs are so popular with families is their versatility. When integrated into the household, they are as comfortable protecting as they are when acting like any other pet dog. Dogs make wonderful family pets, and can bring their owners huge amounts of joy and pleasure. Dogs will often have a positive impact on children, so when combined with protective capabilities this can be a very attractive offer and prospect. Protection dogs can also be trained and familiarised with family settings, so are a far cry from the stereotype of an intimidating and reactive guard dog that lives in a kennel and is kept away from any human contact.

If called upon to use their training, a protection dog can ultimately prove to be the safest way to contain a dangerous situation with minimal risk and escalation. On the rare occasions that deterrence fails, a protection dog’s ability to apprehend and a detain a suspect is unparalleled, and above and beyond that of human guards.

If you are interested in seeing how we can help provide a trained protection dog for you and your family, please email [email protected] for further details.

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