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Rottweilers as family Protection Dogs

16 Oct 2023

Rottweilers are an excellent, but somewhat rare family protection dog in the UK. A German breed closely related to mastiffs, they are highly intelligent and loyal with a legendary protective streak. Physically imposing but affectionate, they are one of our favourite breeds to work with.

Rottweilers were developed to herd and protect cattle being driven to market day, often carrying their owners’ earnings in special pouches around their neck. This protectiveness extended to their owners’ farms and family homes, and they are a breed as comfortable at work as they are simply being a beloved and affectionate companion. A Rottweiler’s loyalty and affection make it an excellent breed for children, and they are some of the best protection dogs for a young family. They are also significantly calmer than German or Belgian Shepherds, and require somewhat less exercise.

Given their working heritage, Rottweilers are naturally intelligence and trainable. Although it is more common to see German and Belgian Shepherds employed in working or sports roles, a good Rottweiler will be equally capable. Rottweilers also offer some of the highest deterrence of all protection dogs, and are legendary guardians. Their size and imposing bark is often enough to stop a would-be attacker or intruder, and should not be underestimated.

As with any large dogs, Rottweilers do best when given plenty of direction, and firm but fair training which ensures they always remain under their owner’s control. Rottweilers are often sensitive dogs, but very motivated by food and edible treats which can be used to incentivise their training. Regular and considered training is a must, but most Rottweilers will happily take to the structure and boundaries their owners provide for them.

To enquire about our trained family protection Rottweilers, please email [email protected].

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