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Why is the German Shepherd such a popular breed for protection work?

31 Dec 2023

Of all the breeds which are used for protection and guarding work, the German Shepherd stands out as being one of the most popular and successful. Commonly found in military and police working dog units around the world as well as with civilian handlers and in private homes, it is an exceptional breed whose popularity is well-deserved.

German Shepherds represent some the greatest intelligence, trainability, and versatility in any working dog breed. Their ability to be taught, understand, and retain a variety of commands makes them relatively easy to train and work with, with their courage and protectiveness allowing them to excel in challenging and complex situations. A working German Shepherd will be brave, but cool-headed and remain obedient to its handler’s commands in any given situation.

While a formidable guardian, the German Shepherd is also highly affectionate and forms strong lasting bonds with its family. Their playfulness can make them excellent family companions, especially in households with young children. A well-trained and bred German Shepherd will be as comfortable enjoying downtime as a family pet as it is guarding and protecting, with no need to compromise on either capability.

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