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Do I Need Dog Insurance?

14 Dec 2023

First time dog owners often wonder whether or not they should take out pet insurance. While generally not a legal requirement, we would always recommend owners insure their dogs. The relatively small cost of monthly premiums far outweighs the amounts which can be incurred by emergency veterinary treatment, or compensation in the event that someone initiates legal action against you. Ultimately, insuring your dog is simply good and prudent ownership.

Insurance for dogs, and in fact most other pets is readily available and easy to arrange. Popular insurance comparison sites are often a good place to start, and will clearly display various cover options. These kinds of platforms are best if insuring a pet rather than a working dog. As working dogs are naturally exposed to a level of occupational risk, they are likely to be slightly more expensive to insure than a pet. In these situations, owners should look to more specialist insurers. If you have a protection dog, it is also wise to take out public liability insurance.

Insuring your dog may not be an absolute requirement, but the relatively small monthly investment in premiums far outweighs the unexpected expenses of an emergency vet bill or defending a legal claim A good insurance policy can provide you with much-needed peace of mind, and ultimately safeguard both you and your dog.

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