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Your Complete Guide to Dobermanns

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021
The Dobermann is an extremely popular breed for family protection work. It is so sought after that our company’s logo was chosen to reflect it, with a watchful Dobermann’s head being the first many people see of Protection Dogs Worldwide. The Dobermann has a well-deserved reputation for being an excellent guardian and protector. This blog will offer an overview of the breed, as well as some advice on how best to keep it.

The Dobermann was developed in Germany by a tax collector who sought the ultimate in canine protection to accompany him while carrying out his unpopular line of work. The result was a breed who has consistently demonstrated its utility for well over a century and has recently enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. While formidable when at work, it is also highly affectionate and playful. When properly bred and trained, the Dobermann can be relied on as both a family protection dog and a pet. This makes it a strong candidate for home security work.

Dobermanns are active and intelligent breeds. They thrive on consistent routines and training, so owners should be prepared to work with them and ensure they are constantly stimulated. Obedience training and scentwork are highly recommended as they will require your Dobermann to engage its brainpower. Ultimately, this is usually more fulfilling for the dog than simple physical exercises such as walking and free-running.

Dobermanns come in two main colour variations: black and tan, and shades of brown. These variances in aesthetics do not present any behavioural or health differences. White Dobermanns also exist, but are much rarer. We strongly recommend against purchasing a white Dobermann. They seldom naturally occur, and are more often than not the product of inbreeding. Such dogs are generally afflicted with multiple health conditions which limit their quality of life. As such, we will never support practices that may detract from a dog’s welfare.

We only work with specially selected young Dobermanns who have undergone an extensive assessment which examines their health, temperament, and intelligence. As British breeders have generally failed to produce the kind of dogs we require, most of our Dobermanns are imported from Europe. Imported Dobermanns tend to be healthier, of steadier temperament, and with higher work drives.

Although our Dobermanns are sold fully trained and ready to begin work as a family protection dog, we also offer extensive aftercare and post-purchase training options. These include home visits to tailor scenarios and environmental training to where your dog will be spending most of its life, as well as residential courses at our Yorkshire training facility. To find out more, please email us or DM on any of our social media platforms.

Protection Dogs Worldwide presents “ODYSSEY”

Thursday, September 23rd, 2021
Protection Dogs Worldwide presents “ODYSSEY” TRAILER Following popular demand we are excited to announce the launch of our exclusive “Odyssey” docuseries! Watch this space for more… Odyssey – Episode 1: The Journey Begins Protection Dogs Worldwide is the UK and Europe’s leading family protection dog trainer and dealer. With years of experience and huge amounts of expertise in canine behavioural science, our dogs are valued across the world. This is the first episode of an exclusive docuseries offering an insight into the work we do, who our people are, and of course the dogs. Odyssey Episode 2: Foundations | Protection Dogs Worldwide How does it all start? Where does the magic happen? Foundations are key, and Episode 2 of Odyssey shows some of the groundwork we put into our internationally sought-after family protection dogs. Odyssey – Episode 3: Progress | Protection Dogs Worldwide Leedor takes us on a journey with developing the breeds he and the rest of the PDW team work with. We also join Beth and Grace for an insight into their work with Protection Dogs Worldwide. Odyssey Episode 4 | Protection Dogs Worldwide A look into a day in the life of the PDW team. Protection development was a priority, with each dog at a different stage of its training. Odyssey Episode 5 – Luring Join our trainers for a look into how we develop our protection dogs’ training through using luring. This is technique is easy to replicate, and one which all dog owners would benefit from utilising. Odyssey Episode 6

Why Protection Dogs Worldwide?

Thursday, March 11th, 2021
With a large number of companies offering a similar service to us, prospective clients often ask us why they should choose Protection Dogs Worldwide. The answer to this, we believe, is that PDW is simply the best company offering protection dog training and trained family protection dogs in the UK right now, as well as one of the best in the world. Our dedication, passion, and expertise speak for themselves with an outstanding and well-established track record of happy customers and clients across Europe, Africa, North America, and the Middle East.

Protection Dogs Worldwide is unique in that we take a family first approach to how we work and train. It is not uncommon for dealers to run their businesses by identifying the most commonly searched terms on Google, and tailoring their dog work to that. The sad reality is that building training and development around terms such as “attack dog training”, “guard dog training” and “police dog training” often creates a dog which is totally inappropriate for family settings. Unless dogs can be trusted around children, for example, then they are not suitable for family protection work.

We also focus on the individual dog more than the breed. We recognise that each dog is unique, and their personal characteristics are what will make them suitable for family protection work. Just because a dealer’s website offers “working dogs for sale” or “Rottweiler guard dog for sale” does not mean they will be suitable for your personal needs. Sociability, temperamental stability, and courage are all attributes we actively search for when assessing young dogs, and this is an area we simply do not compromise on.

With a large number of available trained family protection dogs, we are able to meet most clients’ security needs. We have a large number of satisfied customers around the world and look forward to helping you start you journey towards finding the ideal family protection dog.

Our training packages

Selling family protection dogs is our primary speciality, but we also offer a broad range of post-purchase training options and packages. These are available for the wider public, not just our clients or those with an interest in protection dog training. Our training is largely conducted at our East Yorkshire facility, but we are also able to travel to clients who have bought dogs from us if they would like to undertake continuity training in their own homes.

Before any of our training begins, we will always undertake a thorough assessment of your dog’s current needs and abilities. Following this, a discussion will be held about what you want to gain from this. For any meaningful training to begin, we must establish that your dog has a baseline of intelligence and potential. We will not promise unachievable results, and integrity underpins everything we do.

Subsequently, we can offer a range of options including basic and puppy obedience training, protection dog training, and more advanced enrichment. All of our private dog training is completely bespoke to you and your dog’s individual needs and circumstances. If you live locally to us, this can one-to-one, or longer and residential if you live further away.

Residential courses and boot camps are one of our increasingly popular packages. These allow you to leave your dog with us for consolidated training periods, thus helping us cover far more ground than one-on-one training sessions. The main benefit of such packages is that it allows training to be conducted frequently, but in bursts short enough to guarantee your dog’s attention. As these packages include kennelling, feeding, and daily walks, they are an excellent option for when you are planning a holiday of your own, or may have to travel with work. Clients often comment on how effective our obedience training has been when they see the amount their dog has learned in a short period of time!

These packages are suitable for all breeds, and need not only focus on protection dog training. We have recently started working on puppy obedience training, and are excited to help you give your young dog the best possible start to its life. For more information or to book an initial assessment, please email info@protectiondogs.co.uk.

Family Protection Dog – A Perfect Investment for Your Family’s Security

Friday, July 10th, 2020

We are living in an increasingly uncertain and even dangerous world. Years of austerity in the UK have resulted in overstretched and undermanned police forces with crime on the rise. Emboldened and empowered by technology, professional criminals are more motivated and consequently capable than ever. Hardware can fail or be beaten, whereas human-based security is only ever as strong as its weakest link. During a global pandemic, close protection and residential security are suddenly far less effective. With this as background, a trained family protection dog is the perfect investment for your family’s security.

Unlike guard dogs, protection dogs always work through a handler and off specific commands rather than its own volition and without supervision. Most protection dogs in the UK are currently oriented towards participating in sports such as Schutzhund. While potentially lucrative, such dogs are often too highly driven to live with and focus on equipment such as pads and sleeves rather than human threats. They are simply not practical investments for those seeking to secure their families, and rarely bridge the gap between guardian and family companion.


In contrast to this, family protection dogs are specifically trained and bred to meet these joint needs, and Protection Dogs Worldwide is the UK’s leading family protection dog trainer and dealer. All of our dogs are specifically selected while still young for the temperamental balance that will allow them to double up as family guardians and companions, and raised in a home environment. Between our trainers and kennel hands, we share decades of experience in developing outstanding protectors and companions, and supply these dogs across the UK, Europe, Middle East, and the Americas.


The breeds we work with (primarily German Shepherd Dogs, Dobermanns, Giant Schnauzers, Cane Corsos, and now Rottweilers) are all highly intelligent, trainable, and affectionate. Their ability to form strong bonds and reliable temperaments mean they are safe around children. Their inherent playfulness makes them a delight to live with.

If you would like to find out more about how a protection dog would be the perfect investment for your family’s security, we look forward to hearing from you. We would be more than happy to offer an initial obligation-free gratis consultation about how we can meet your needs, and all of our business is always conducted with the upmost discretion. For more information, please email info@protectiondogs.co.uk.

10 Tips on How to Train a Dog as a Perfect Protection Dog

Wednesday, June 17th, 2020
  • Begin early! It is possible to determine some of what a dog’s adult characteristics may be from its first few days, and temperament evaluations of puppies is instrumental in training the prefect protection dog.
  • Understand what you are looking for, namely stability and protectiveness rather than outright aggression. An aggressive dog is a dangerous dog, and temperamental reliability and stability are imperative in training the perfect family protection dog.
  • Work with an established trainer. Dog training is an art, and at high levels best left to experts to lay all-important foundations. Protection Dogs Worldwide’s team has years of experience in dog training for protection, and are highly skilled at bringing the best out of family protection dogs.
  • Know which breeds are appropriate for family protection work. Gundogs and companion breeds are almost never suitable because of their friendliness, lack of courage, and poor guarding reputations. It is highly unlikely that a Labrador or Golden Retriever would deter would-be burglars or assailants, whereas a Cane Corso has significantly more deterrence value.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of bonding. A dog which has bonded with its family and handler will ultimately work far harder than one trained purely using compulsion. Feeding your dog (especially by hand), and taking it on fun activities such as walks or fetch games are excellent ways of developing this bond.
  • Ensure that your protection dog is fully socialised and exposed to different environments. Protection dogs should be confident and approachable but suspicious. Ongoing socialisation from a young age will support this, and prevent any dog from becoming overly anxious and reactively aggressive in new situations.
  • Make yourself as appealing, fun, and interesting as possible. By establishing yourself as the centre of any dog’s life, you automatically reduce how much it will pull on its lead, increase its attentiveness, and improve its recall. In a protection setting, this translates into leaving the bite on first command and increased control.
  • Understand that dogs learn and make mistakes. Much like humans, dogs are emotionally complex and intelligent. While certainly clever and capable, learning may also occur through mistakes. These should not result in punishment. Instead, it is far better to simply reinforce desired behaviours.
  • Be ready to work continuously. Ongoing training is key in maintaining a dog’s skill level, prevents skill fade, and develops the bond between you. Protection Dogs Worldwide is happy and able to provide continuity training support, both online and through residential retreats.
  • Have fun! Owning a dog should be a pleasure, and training is a long-term project that many find particularly rewarding. Seeing how your dog develops and improves its skills is an incredible experience to be treasured, not rushed. For more advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to help.