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What are the Main Differences Between Protection and Guard Dogs?

13 Sep 2023

When clients first email us, they often ask about how we can help them find the perfect guard dog for them and their family. While popular in certain settings, we are not in the business of supplying guard dogs. Instead, we specialise in training and placing protection dogs with families requiring higher levels of security assurance.

In such instances, our first step is always to explain the difference between these two types of dogs. At a simplest level, guard dogs work without supervision focusing on a particular physical site, whereas protection dogs work through a handler with responsibility for specific people. Guard dogs are generally untrained and work off instinct, whereas protection dogs receive extensive training to prepare them for their role.

Historically, breed has been regarded as more important than individual temperament for guard dogs who largely act as a deterrent. Whether or not a guard dog is capable of apprehending then releasing a suspect on command is often secondary to their ability to intimidate and bark loudly! With protection dogs, temperament and working ability are everything, and if a dog is unable to perform under stress then they will not be suitable for this line of work.

While a protection dog will generally be more expensive than a guard dog, they offer their owners a very different and altogether better capability. If deterrence fails, then a protection dog will step up to defend their owner whereas a guard dog may not. For when genuine threats exist, a protection dog will always be the preferable option.

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