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13 Jul 2023

Despite their popularity, dogs may cause allergic reactions in a number of humans. While this allergy’s exact triggers are still being researched, likely key allergens are proteins found in dogs’ saliva, dander, or even urine. Dander, or the material dogs shed from their bodies along with fur, is the most widely recognised of these triggers. This has driven the popularity of “hypoallergenic” dogs, who are believed to trigger less of an allergic reaction among afflicted individuals. These dogs are characterised by their low or minimal shedding, and include breeds such as the Poodle, Maltese, Shih Tzu, and associated hybrids.

While certain breeds may produce fewer allergens or shed less, all dogs generate and cast a degree of allergenic proteins. Although this is generally not at the level which would trigger noticeable allergic reactions in the majority of sufferers with so-called hypoallergenic dogs such as Poodle crosses, it is still worth understanding and acknowledging. If in doubt, potential owners should consult with a doctor and make a fully informed decision before exposing themselves to an animal they may be allergic to.

The popularity of hypoallergenic dogs often overshadows other factors which responsible owners must consider before committing to bringing a new pet into their home. Temperament, energy level, and compatibility with a family’s lifestyle must be factored for rather than simply choosing a puppy which supposedly does not shed.

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