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Security Survey

Security is best delivered in an integrated and layered manner. While bodyguards and protection dogs can be very effective and often capture the public’s imagination, they are most effective when integrated into a broader plan including risk assessments, physical and digital infrastructure, and on-call response.

For us, a security survey is an absolute basic that acts as the starting point for everything else that we do. When surveying your home or office, we work to identify potential vulnerabilities and weak spots potential attackers could exploit to target you, your family, or your business. A thorough risk assessment also allows us to recommend the best integrated security package possible, which may include:

  • Residential security to protect you and your family at home
  • A trained family protection dog for additional assurance when at home and travelling
  • Fences and access control points
  • CCTV and alarms
  • Safe rooms


As well as training and placing high-level working protection dogs with families around the world, we also work with special forces veterans and specialist infrastructure companies to provide wraparound security solutions. We have years of experience in helping people around the world live a more secure life, and a satisfied client base around the world. To find out more or book a comprehensive survey, please email [email protected].