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Family protection

Security providers are often called upon to protect entire families rather than a single individual. Family protection is a complex discipline which requires a combination of creativity, flexibility, and discretion. Spouses and children introduce additional requirements which must be properly understood if they are to be catered for.


Principals with families often want to be able to live the most normal life possible, necessitating a low-profile and discrete security presence. In such situations, a combination of physical and digital security infrastructure such as fences and high-tech surveillance systems with in-built alarms, security advance parties, and soft posture close protection teams is most appropriate. Female CPOs tend to be particularly sought after by families, and are often assumed to be a nanny or personal assistant when seen in public with their principals.


Protection dogs can also be excellent for helping families that require a higher level of security assurance. Their presence alone will often be a strong deterrent against would-be attackers, and their training allows them to contain a number of threatening scenarios. Family protection dogs are our speciality, and any number of our clients can attest to just how effective they have been.


To find out more about how we can support your family’s protection needs with bodyguards, trained protection dogs, or security infrastructure, please email [email protected].