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  • 8 Aug 2023

    Getting A Cane Corso – Protection Dogs Worldwide

    Cane Corsos are one of our favourite breeds for family protection work. When well-bred, they offer everything we look for in a working dog. At its best, the Cane Corso is highly intelligent, trainable, affectionate, courageous, and protective. It is a formidable guardian that is equally comfortable as a family…

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  • 4 Jul 2023

    Preventing Obesity in Dogs

    Obesity is one of the most dangerous, yet common health conditions which afflict dogs in the UK. As in humans, it is commonly caused by an accumulated calorie surplus, as well as occasional hormonal imbalances. According to the British Royal Veterinary College, obese dogs have shortened life spans, reduced quality…

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  • 18 May 2023

    How Much Exercise Does a Protection Dog Need?

    How much exercise dogs need is a hotly contested subject, especially with working breeds. We are often asked how much exercise our dogs need, usually by prospective first-time owners, or individuals and families who have never had a working dog before. Speaking in very broad terms, our advice would be…

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  • 18 May 2023

    What Would a Dog’s Perfect Day Look Like?

    As lifelong dog lovers, we want the best for our four-legged friends. We hope to give them the happiest and healthiest lives possible, and view them in a similar light to human family members. An exercise we personally found helpful to focus how we treat our dogs is imagining what…

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  • 24 Apr 2023

    Training Our Protection Dogs

    At Protection Dogs Worldwide, we are proud to be at the cutting edge of what we do. We select, train, and place world-leading working dogs with individuals and families requiring a higher level of security assurance. In an uncertain and volatile world, ordinary citizens are increasingly looking for novel ways…

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  • 15 Feb 2023

    Crate Training

    Crate Training is the process of introducing your dog to what is effectively a modern day indoor kennel. Doing so has many benefits including helping accelerate housetraining, providing a dog with a safe and comforting space, and potentially being useful when managing their behaviour. Crate training is highly recommended,…

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  • 12 Dec 2022

    Why do Protection Dogs Need Regular Training?

    Dogs are recognised as being one of the most intelligent animals. Their working potential clearly demonstrates this as dogs have been used to herd livestock, guard people, hunt, and even support the disabled with daily tasks for thousands of years. Not dissimilarly to humans, dogs can become bored quickly unless…

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  • 28 Nov 2022

    What to Look For in a Dog Trainer

    The dog training industry is rapidly expanding, but almost totally unregulated. Functionally, there are no barriers to entry and anybody can claim to be a “dog trainer” without being appropriately qualified or vetted. Bad trainers often reinforce old behavioural problems while creating new ones which are particularly hard for owners…

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