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What Is The Best Dog For Personal And Family Protection?

29 Apr 2019

We are often asked what kind of dog is best for personal and family protection. The short answer is the four breeds that we specialise in: German Shepherd Dogs, Dobermann Pinschers, Giant Schnauzers, and the Cane Corso. This is because protection dogs fulfil a very specific role, which is to protect their handler and family with direction rather than acting off of their own initiative. They must also be able to comfortably adapt to a home environment, be of certain sizes and strengths, accept the presence of young children, and be extremely obedient.


A number of other dog breeds are utilised for security or guarding purposes, but this does not automatically make them suitable for personal or family protection work. For example, barking is often viewed as a desirable characteristic for watch dogs, but what happens if this is not enough to deter a would-be intruder? A Labrador may make an excellent watch dog because it barks at anyone who approaches its house, but a poor protection dog, as this barking will most likely signify that it has identified a potential new friend rather than threat! Similarly, smaller dogs such as Chihuahuas and Jack Russell Terriers may be vocal enough to warn of approaching intruders, but are not large enough to effectively hold and apprehend them.


Even being large, vocal, and with strong protective instincts does not automatically make a good or appropriate personal or family protection dog. While Dutch and Belgian Shepherd Dogs have excelled in military and policing roles such as personal protection and tracking, they are often too energetic, hyperactive, and even aggressive to adapt to normal home environments, especially those with children in. At a different extremity, despite being some of the largest dogs in the world with very imposing barks, Great Danes often shy away from conflict making them poor protection dogs.


However, potentially more important than their breed are an individual dog’s characteristics and personality. All dogs are individuals, and even if they happen to be one of the four main breeds we specialise in, this does not automatically guarantee their suitability for personal and family protection. The best dog for personal and family protection will be intelligent enough to learn commands, obedient in always seeking to please his or her handlers, properly socialised with other dogs, animals, and humans to prevent unwanted aggression, and protective in the appropriate settings. Protection Dogs Worldwide ensures that all of the dogs we supply our clients meet these exacting standards, and much more.


Our trained protection dogs are carefully selected by our trainers in their puppyhoods based on extensive temperamental assessments, and receive months or even years of further training at our dedicated kennels in the North East of England. We are proud to offer elite protection dogs, and there are few better deterrents against burglars than a trained German Shepherd Dog, Dobermann Pinscher, or Cane Corso. Most importantly, though, is how safe our dogs are with children. We would never sell a client a dog we would not trust with our own, and all of our dogs grow up around young children to ensure their safety in a family environment.

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