Leedor - Director & Protection Dog Trainer

Protection Dogs Worldwide Trainer

Leedor is the founder and lead trainer at Protection Dogs Worldwide. He specializes in the training of bull breeds and Dobermans who require expert handling.

Leedor personally selects each dog at Protection dogs Worldwide by travelling throughout the world visiting top caliber breeders and family run kennels. He carefully evaluates each dog according to the customer's specific requirements.

Leedor works alongside the Manof K9 institute who provide protection dogs for the Israeli special forces ( considered to be the best in the world ). He also regularly trains and works along side other world authorities in dog training such as the Czech Republic Police special dog division.
He has sourced, trained and supplied Protection dogs to a range of high profile clients, from Ambassadors to celebrities worldwide.

Leedor has a special interest in developing dogs to 'Elite' standard and therefore excise in creating real life situations and real protection dogs.
Most importantly Leedor loves what he does with a passion, he lives at the kennels with all the dogs and the bond they have for each other is unbreakable.

Matthew - Director & Protection Dog Trainer

Protection Dogs Worldwide Trainer

Over the past 15 years, Matt has devoted himself to training working dogs. He is an inspiring influence here at Protection Dogs Worldwide, fully committed to ensuring that each and every one of our dogs reaches its potential. The training does not stop at our facility; Matt visits clients to offer one to one handler training and co-ordinates scenario based tests for our dogs. His experience and support helps owners build a solid bond with their new protector.

Matt has worked extensively across Europe and Africa working alongside leading trainers within the public and private sectors. His specialty lies in the training and breeding of working dogs with a specific interest in the Giant Schnauzer.

Matt lives at home with his wife and children, and he plays a crucial role in bridging the transition between training on site and the ‘home’, using his own home setting as an ideal platform for the dogs’ environmental training and assessment.

Bethany - Protection Dog Trainer

Protection Dogs Worldwide Trainer

Beth has always had a natural affinity with all animals and an incredibly close bond with dogs. After joining Protection Dogs Worldwide, it became clear that Beth excelled in the obedience training, especially with younger dogs. She has exceptional husbandry training and knowledge; this kind of experience is invaluable when it comes to keeping all of our dogs in peak condition throughout their training and beyond.
Importantly, Beth brings a gentle touch to our protection training which has become an integral part of the way we work here at Protection Dogs Worldwide.

Oliver Lund - Protection Dog Trainer

Protection Dogs Worldwide Trainer

Oliver came to Protection Dogs worldwide after training his own working Rottweilers as family protection dogs, he wanted to further their training and develop his own skillset. He now plays a key role in developing our dogs social and environmental experiences. Positivity is the key to Olivers training and this shows with the affinity, love and affection between him and the dogs.

The working Rottweiler is Olivers choice breed and one which he has in-depth knowledge. Working such a dog has given him a unique understanding of how to bring the best out of a dog whilst limiting confrontation and conflict.

Oliver understands what is required from a family protection dog and assists in staging test scenarios around his own home, observing how the dogs performs in the new environment.

James Bows - Protection Dog Trainer

Protection Dogs Worldwide Trainer

Jamie is one of a few people currently holding their grade A decoy licence within the UK and as such is often seen testing dogs at national championships. Training as a decoy has taken Jamie around the world perfecting his ability to not only test but also develop the dogs ability to perform to high standards.

Working German Shepherds are Jamie’s specialist breed but he also has in-depth experience working with Dobermann’s, giant schauzers and Rottweiler. He has helped prepare dogs for a variety of roles, these include but is not limited to; participation within national and international world sporting competitions, security, MOD, as well as our elite trained family protection dogs.

Jamies work ethos is one beyond a 9 to 5 role, his job is his passion and with meticulous planning he ensures that all our dogs work to the best of their ability, Jamie has the ability to think outside of the box and is not afraid of innovation develop the dogs.

His own aspirations see Jamie's continued rise to world standard levels both no and off the training field. He doesn’t only want success for his own dogs but he also wants success for those he has trained and mentored.

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