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My story: How my love of K9’s led me to establish Protection Dogs Worldwide

21 Apr 2019

My name is Leedor, I’m turning 30 in December 2019, and also one of the luckiest man in the world.
I’m the founder and director of one of Europe’s premier suppliers of personal protection dogs raised
in and suitable for family environments: Protection Dogs Worldwide. Growing up between England
and Israel, dogs were always a part of my life. Many of my fondest childhood memories involve very
special time spent with my family’s dogs, and they certainly turned out to be for formative for me.
Fast forward a few years, and a mate of mine is working to rescue “overly aggressive dogs”, and
retrain them to eliminate undesirable characteristics and behaviours as much as possible. Given my
love for dogs, and how this was essentially giving them a second chance at living a normal life (the
other option was that they were destroyed), I jumped when asked if I would like to join him, and
haven’t looked back since. Since then, though, what began as me working as a challenged dog trainer
has evolved into something much bigger with Protection Dogs Worldwide.

It isn’t hard to find a guard dog, that is a big scary dog which indiscriminately barks at people, and
deters them from trying to enter your property or approach. However, this approach can be
particularly problematic. Will your dog actually protect you if its mere presence is not enough of a
deterrent? Will it be intelligent and obedient enough to follow basic commands, able to live in a
house with small children, and not be aggressive to its handler? You can definitely find an
intimidating German Shepherd Dog or Doberman Pinscher without much difficulty, but how
effective would it really be? Do you know its history? Has it been tested for any behavioural
problems? And that’s where Protection Dogs Worldwide comes into the equation.

Protection Dogs Worldwide sets itself apart from competitors by its personal touches, and the
attention to detail I dedicate to all of our dogs. Being passionate about all things K9, I make it my
mission to only sell clients the very best and safest trained protection dogs suitable family
environments. How do I know this? Because I raise the dogs I sell myself, keep them in and around
my family home, and expose them to my children from as early as stage as possible. By the time they
go on sale, our dogs are fully trained to a variety of different levels, and most importantly
accustomed to living in a family home with children. I would never sell a client a dog that may be
unsafe around children and am so confident as to how safe they are, that I raise my own children
around them.

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