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Residential Boot Camp for Dogs

29 Oct 2020

After a hiatus, Protection Dogs Worldwide is pleased to be re-offering our clients and customers residential boot camps for their dogs. Based in our East Yorkshire training facility near Kingston-Upon-Hull in the north of England, it allows us to spend consolidated periods of focused training with your dog.

While our primary service has always been selecting, training, and selling world-leading family protection dogs, we still have significant amounts of expertise in all areas of dog husbandry and training. It is important to us that we allow the general public to benefit from this, and why we have reopened our all-breed boot camp for dogs.

We believe that our collective expertise and years spent working in animal and dog husbandry allows us to provide the UK’s leading residential dog training service. Our unparalleled understanding of dog psychology and experience of working with a wide variety of different breeds uniquely places us to help you and your dog.

Following a thorough behavioural assessment of your dog and its particular training needs, our training team will decide on the best course of action necessary and design a bespoke plan. This can range from consolidating fundamentals to remedying more specific behavioural issues.

Protection Dogs Worldwide residential dog training programmes can also fairly be described as being luxury! Our standards of care are very high with regular exercise, enrichment, and a raw food-based diet all coming as standard with any residential package. We are all dog lovers, and will treat your pet as if it was our own for the duration of its stay with us. Our levels of attention to detail are uncompromising, and we are able to cater for all dietary requirements by individually formulating your dog’s nutritional plan.

Our luxury residential dog training programmes are perfect for those seeking the best for their dogs. We enjoy longstanding relationships with a number of celebrities and high net worth individuals, and have been working with them and their dogs for a number of years. If you would like your dog to benefit from the same level of luxury residential training, please email [email protected] to book an initial consultation.

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