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Why is the German Shepherd Favoured as a Police or Military Working Dog?

13 Jul 2020

The German Shepherd Dog, otherwise known as GSD or Alsatian, is the favoured police and military working dog across the world. It has distinguished itself in both of these fields as well as personal and family protection, protection sports, search and rescue, and disability support. The German Shepherd Dog is a highly versatile and capable breed, and this reputation is well-deserved.

One of the reasons why it is favoured as a police and military working dog is its high levels of intelligence. German Shepherd Dogs learn very quickly, and are one of the fastest breeds to train in specific tasks. The German Shepherd Dog thrives when it has a task to perform, especially one which taps into is natural instincts. As a highly driven breed, the German Shepherd Dog needs outlets for its remarkable energy levels to be satisfied, so will work hard and enjoy performing for its police or military handlers.

German Shepherd Dogs also have a strong prey drive which means they enjoy chasing and biting things. Together with their size, this makes them a natural candidate for protection work. The German Shepherd Dog has excelled in this role across the world, and its reputation acts as a strong deterrent against would-be intruders or attackers. Their very strong bite force is also well-known, and most would rather surrender than attempt to outrun or outfight a trained German Shepherd Dog.

German Shepherd Dogs are famous for the very strong bonds they form with their human handlers. Be it as a working dog or pet, German Shepherd Dogs are often known as a “Velcro breed” because of how close they like to stay with their humans. Combined with their intelligence, this strong capacity to bond makes them remarkably easy to train and work. In operational environments where dog and handler bonds are so important, this cannot be underestimated, and is a key reason why German Shepherds are favoured police and military working dogs.


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