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Residential Boot Camp Training

Dog Boot Camp

While we have always specialised in developing family protection dogs, our team also has significant experience in all aspects of mainstream dog training. After high levels of recent demand, we are now delighted to announce that we will be offering clients a doggy boot camp service! Covering areas such as basic obedience, and more advanced enrichment, we will have something to offer all dog owners, irrespective of breed or age of dog.

Many pet owners make the mistake of thinking that only “problem” dogs, or those with significant behavioural difficulties need training. This is patently untrue. All breeds and mixes share a number of common features which make working with them easier and less variable than might initially be expected. Our trainers will identify what motivates your dog the most at the start of its boot camp in their initial assessment, and build subsequent sessions round that. This is usually treat foods, toys, and handler affection.

We will also ask you what your priorities are for the course of your dog’s boot camp. This could be learning basic commands if you have a puppy or untrained rescue, improving its recall, or additional advanced protection work. This is what its course of training will be designed around.

This particular kind of training is called boot camp as it is suitable for even untrained dogs. Having said that, we do not rely on or approve of harsh training methods. Our training focuses on operant conditioning (incentivising desired behaviours) to teach the dogs we work with how to make good decisions such as following commands, not pulling on leads, and returning when called off-leash.

Our dog boot camps are delivered from our training centre in the East Riding of Yorkshire, and run throughout the year.

Residential Dog Training

Another service we are excited to re-offer to the general public is residential dog training. This is a particularly useful way of optimising kennelling services when clients are on holiday as it also allows their dogs to concurrently undertake serious courses of training.

From a training perspective, the benefits of a residential course with expert trainers are clear. We have access to your dog for multiple training sessions a day which can be as long or short as its attention span determines, meaning huge potential for learning. Common areas for us to focus on during residential training courses are basic to advanced obedience, recall, and socialisation with both humans and dogs. We also recommend environmental training, and try to expose your dog to as many new settings as possible to build their confidence and versatility.

As our training facility has so many new people and dogs passing through it on a daily basis, it makes a particularly valuable learning area for the dogs we offer residential training to. Dynamic environments are very useful in teaching dogs to filter out distractions and only focus on their handlers. If your dog is inherently anxious or has a nervous disposition, we can also work on building their confidence in unfamiliar environments.

We offer very high levels of care during all our residential courses. In addition to safe and comfortable kennelling, we provide residential trainees with multiple walks a day in new areas, toys, and a high-quality raw food based diet (special dietary requirements can be catered for).

One-on-one dog training sessions

Anyone who owns or looks after dog should make high-quality and regular training one of their absolute priorities. The importance of training cannot be underestimated. It becomes one of the most important ways owners build a relationship with their dog, provides dogs with vital mental stimulation, and promotes mutual trust. Having said that, it is not always obvious how owners should begin training their dog, what kind of activities are most appropriate, and even how to communicate effectively. These are exactly the kind of issues our one-on-one dog training sessions address, and ultimately train you so that you know how to effectively train your dog.

At the beginning of our one-on-one training sessions, our first priority is to establish the most effective way of communicating with your dog, and in turn, showing you how your dog communicates. Good communication is the backbone of training, and cannot be overemphasised. Our trainers are very experienced, and will be able to identify the nuances of how your dog behaves and communicates so that you can tap into them.

Good dog training is reciprocal and mutual; as much as it teaches your dog how to behave and what is expected of it, it also will also help you learn to trust your dog. Our one-on-one training sessions are built with this in mind, and an excellent way to facilitate long-term bonding. When properly designed, they become something all dogs can enjoy, providing all-important mental stimulation which is vital for their overall wellbeing.

Even if your dog is not demonstrating behavioural problems and regardless of breed, we would still recommend you undertake a course of one-on-one training sessions. All dogs are inherently intelligent with a need to learn and be challenged throughout their lives. Training is one of the easiest and most versatile ways this need can be met.

For more information or to book a one-on-one training session with us, please email info@protectiondogs.co.uk.