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How we approach dog training

3 Nov 2020

Dog training is a complex subject. While underpinned by scientific research and psychology, it is still very much an art that takes years to master. The importance of properly training your dog can never be underestimated or understated, and there is no such thing as “too soon” when considering dog training. As endearing as a puppy’s misbehaviors may be, failing to address them at an early stage when they are still imprinting may lead to reinforcement and significant problems later on during their life.

Early and appropriate guidance is integral in setting young dogs up for their best lives, and much of this will stem from appropriate training. A proper training programme can help safeguard against dogs becoming aggressive to humans and other animals, reactivity, and being confident in a variety of environmental settings.

Even if these issues do arise, structured, clear, and consistent training can often resolve them. With such huge amounts of often conflicting information available online, we would recommend working directly with an established trainer as your first step. All of our training programmes support clients by offering in-person sessions, online progress reviews, and moving onto any appropriate next stages as and when the right to do so. We encourage our clients to allow their dogs to fulfill their maximum potential and are very proud of what we have achieved over the years. As much as we train dogs, we also train owners and hope to see a world where fewer dogs are surrendered to pounds and shelters when there is no good reason to do so.

Our trainers are all highly experienced and have trained a plethora of working and companion dogs representing most breeds and mixes found in the UK today. Their understanding of how to motivate your dog is almost unparalleled and is based on positive reinforcement, positive punishment, negative punishment, and negative reinforcement matrix.

To find out more about Protection Dogs Worldwide’s training programmes, please email [email protected]. We are able to train any and all breeds and look forward to working with you and your dog.

Next Up

3 Nov 2020

Residential Boot Camp for Dogs

After a hiatus, Protection Dogs Worldwide is pleased to be re-offering our clients and customers residential boot camps for their dogs. Based in our East Yorkshire training facility near Kingston-Upon-Hull in the north of England, it allows us to spend consolidated periods of focused training with your dog.


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