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Your Complete Guide to Dobermanns

23 Nov 2021

The Dobermann is an extremely popular breed for family protection work. It is so sought after that our company’s logo was chosen to reflect it, with a watchful Dobermann’s head being the first many people see of Protection Dogs Worldwide. The Dobermann has a well-deserved reputation for being an excellent guardian and protector. This blog will offer an overview of the breed, as well as some advice on how best to keep it.

The Dobermann was developed in Germany by a tax collector who sought the ultimate in canine protection to accompany him while carrying out his unpopular line of work. The result was a breed who has consistently demonstrated its utility for well over a century and has recently enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. While formidable when at work, it is also highly affectionate and playful. When properly bred and trained, the Dobermann can be relied on as both a family protection dog and a pet. This makes it a strong candidate for home security work.

Dobermanns are active and intelligent breeds. They thrive on consistent routines and training, so owners should be prepared to work with them and ensure they are constantly stimulated. Obedience training and scentwork are highly recommended as they will require your Dobermann to engage its brainpower. Ultimately, this is usually more fulfilling for the dog than simple physical exercises such as walking and free-running.

Dobermanns come in two main colour variations: black and tan, and shades of brown. These variances in aesthetics do not present any behavioural or health differences. White Dobermanns also exist, but are much rarer. We strongly recommend against purchasing a white Dobermann. They seldom naturally occur, and are more often than not the product of inbreeding. Such dogs are generally afflicted with multiple health conditions which limit their quality of life. As such, we will never support practices that may detract from a dog’s welfare.

We only work with specially selected young Dobermanns who have undergone an extensive assessment which examines their health, temperament, and intelligence. As British breeders have generally failed to produce the kind of dogs we require, most of our Dobermanns are imported from Europe. Imported Dobermanns tend to be healthier, of steadier temperament, and with higher work drives.

Although our Dobermanns are sold fully trained and ready to begin work as a family protection dog, we also offer extensive aftercare and post-purchase training options. These include home visits to tailor scenarios and environmental training to where your dog will be spending most of its life, as well as residential courses at our Yorkshire training facility. To find out more, please email us or DM on any of our social media platforms.

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