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What Makes Our Protection Dog Training So Special

29 Oct 2021

We are one of the world’s leading family protection dog trainers. Although based in the UK, export our dogs to continental Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, and Africa. We believe that this is because of the high levels we train our dogs at, and this blog will offer an overview of what makes our protection dog training so special.

First and foremost, we work off of the assumption that our dogs should be trained for how our clients actually need them rather than what looks impressive. The inevitable spectacle of protection dog sports is quite something to behold, but does not transfer at all well to home and family settings. Sports dogs tend to have far too high a work drive to adapt to home life, so may become anxious and destructive. Instead, we focus on finding dogs which – while still young – demonstrate the potential to first exist just as pets, then be trained as protection dogs.

Once identifying suitable dogs, we train them in the environments we expect them to be living in, not just kennels. Dogs who have only lived and trained in a working or kennelled environment often struggle to adapt to home settings, so these are one of the areas we train and familiarise them within. We also understand that our dogs have to be safe around children. This is something we refuse to compromise on, and as a result, all dogs spend time in family environments before going on to be sold.

We are also careful to manage client’s expectations. We are often asked if we can sell a “trained attack dog” or if we have guard dogs for sale. Usually, what these customers have in mind is not a family guard dogs for sale. They are either looking for offensive capabilities, or a low-maintenance deterrence dog, and neither of these are things we are comfortable with. We will always be honest with clients, and make it very clear what our offer is. Ultimately, our priority is placing our dogs in the best homes possible, so clear communication is key.

We are always happy to discuss training with potential clients. If you would like to find out more, please email [email protected] or DM us on any of our social media accounts.

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