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Family Protection Dog – A Perfect Investment for Your Family’s Security

10 Jul 2020

We are living in an increasingly uncertain and even dangerous world. Years of austerity in the UK have resulted in overstretched and undermanned police forces with crime on the rise. Emboldened and empowered by technology, professional criminals are more motivated and consequently capable than ever. Hardware can fail or be beaten, whereas human-based security is only ever as strong as its weakest link. During a global pandemic, close protection and residential security are suddenly far less effective. With this as background, a trained family protection dog is the perfect investment for your family’s security.

Unlike guard dogs, protection dogs always work through a handler and off specific commands rather than its own volition and without supervision. Most protection dogs in the UK are currently oriented towards participating in sports such as Schutzhund. While potentially lucrative, such dogs are often too highly driven to live with and focus on equipment such as pads and sleeves rather than human threats. They are simply not practical investments for those seeking to secure their families, and rarely bridge the gap between guardian and family companion.


In contrast to this, family protection dogs are specifically trained and bred to meet these joint needs, and Protection Dogs Worldwide is the UK’s leading family protection dog trainer and dealer. All of our dogs are specifically selected while still young for the temperamental balance that will allow them to double up as family guardians and companions, and raised in a home environment. Between our trainers and kennel hands, we share decades of experience in developing outstanding protectors and companions, and supply these dogs across the UK, Europe, Middle East, and the Americas.


The breeds we work with (primarily German Shepherd Dogs, Dobermanns, Giant Schnauzers, Cane Corsos, and now Rottweilers) are all highly intelligent, trainable, and affectionate. Their ability to form strong bonds and reliable temperaments mean they are safe around children. Their inherent playfulness makes them a delight to live with.

If you would like to find out more about how a protection dog would be the perfect investment for your family’s security, we look forward to hearing from you. We would be more than happy to offer an initial obligation-free gratis consultation about how we can meet your needs, and all of our business is always conducted with the upmost discretion. For more information, please email [email protected].

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