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Why choose a Dobermann Pinscher as a family protection dog?

15 Nov 2019

Since we began working in dealing and training family protection dogs, one breed in particular has stood as being particularly popular: the Dobermann Pinscher. Interest and demand for this breed has been unprecedented compared to our other dogs (the German Shepherd Dog, Cane Corso, and Giant Schnauzer), and we only expect these levels to increase. In this piece, we hope to offer you a better insight into this wonderful breed, and why it makes such a good family protection dog.

The Dobermann Pinscher was developed in Germany in the late-19th Century by a night watchman and taxman called Louis Dobermann who wanted a dog to accompany and protect him while he undertook his unpopular line of work. As he also managed his local dog pound, Dobermann had free access to a large number of dogs, and was thus able to cherry-pick and breed those whose characteristics he wanted to blend into a single breed. While there is no authoritative list of which breeds contributed to what eventually became the Dobermann Pinscher, it is thought that they included the Beauceron, German Pinscher, Rottweiler, Weimaraner, Greyhound and Manchester Terrier. This produced an athletic black and tan dog which was large enough to deter against would-be attackers, while also possessing remarkable protective instincts.

While it established itself as a highly effective guardian in the following fifty or so years, the Dobermann Pinscher became best known in the years following the Second World War, especially in the USA. After the USA entered into the Second World War, its armed forces appealed to citizens to donate pet dogs to their war effort, and while a large number of breeds were given away, the Dobermann Pinscher proved itself to be particularly effective on the battlefield. These military working dogs served with distinction, especially in the Pacific, and saved untold numbers of lives as both protection and detection dogs. On returning from war, this breed was elevated to almost heroic status and became increasingly popular. It was also utilised during the Vietnam War, and went on to become a mainstream and popular personal and family protection dog.

As the Dobermann Pinscher has such good protection instincts, it is an obvious choice for individuals and families seeking a canine guardian. Potentially more importantly, though, they combine this with a stable and reliable temperament. The Dobermann Pinscher is actually one of the more playful breeds associated with security and protection, bonds well with its family, and has fewer recorded bites on non-aggressing humans that certain breeds not developed for guarding, i.e. gundogs and Dalmatians. As long as all parties concerned are properly educated about how to respect and behave around a dog, a Dobermann Pinscher can often be an excellent pet for children. The Dobermann Pinscher loves to work and please its handlers. It is also a fast learner, making it highly trainable. Continuous obedience training is a very good way to develop a relationship between dog and handler, and one that children are able to participate in.

The Dobermann Pinscher also makes a highly effective deterrent against would-be burglars, intruders, and attackers. Its reputation as a fearsome protector and recognisability as well as potential to guard to a high level have made it a popular and much-desired family protection dog for good reason.

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