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Intruder Protection Advice from Protection Dogs Worldwide

There are any number of reasons why people seek and aspire to own dogs. These may be sentimental, such as a desire for companionship and a friend who will offer unconditional love. Others are more practical, i.e. pest control, aiding hunting or food gathering, or security. Over thousands of years, dogs have proven their worth as a security system in a variety of contexts and situations. One of these is home protection. Because of their territorial nature and ability to bond with humans, dogs make excellent guardians, both in and outside the home environment. Providing our clients with dogs able to protect them in a home and family environment is Protection Dogs Worldwide’s speciality, and an area we have years of experience in.

At a basic level, our clients expect our dogs to be able to protect against intruders who intend to break into their homes. This may be to steal property or assault them, but whatever the reason, this is unimportant. Clients and their property have been placed at risk, and need to be defended. The best advice we can offer regarding dogs and intruders is to leave as little to chance as possible. While certain breeds such as the German Shepherd Dog, Dobermann Pinscher, and Cane Corso do have naturally strong protective instincts, this may not always be the case. Many dogs will bark when they encounter a stranger, but this can either be friendly (Labradors and Golden Retrievers being excellent examples of this), or anxious rather than confident. Intruders with an understanding of dog behaviour will be able to read into this, and it is not uncommon for dogs who lack a suitable protective drive to simply be ignored. Scenario-based training is the best solution for this problem.

At Protection Dogs Worldwide, we take the approach that the best way to prepare a dog for responding to a given situation is by replicating that as realistically as possible after giving it a solid training foundation. Long before any of our dogs go on sale, they are extensively socialised, undertake thorough obedience training, and bite-work development. Control is integral to our final products, and dogs must be able to hold an intruder at bay, bite, and subsequently release on command. We have no place for temperamentally unsound or aggressive dogs, and thorough early assessments ensure that clients only receive appropriate dogs.

Once our dogs have reached a good base level of protection and obedience, we gradually introduce them to numerous different scenarios, including home protection serials. As offering a tailored product is so integral to what we do, we prefer to undertake these training serials in a client’s own home, and other areas their dog will be working. It is all very well having a dog conditioned to demonstrate a simple bite and release in a controlled environment on multiple occasions, but they must have the confidence to operate more flexibly. By exposing our dogs to a broad range of scenarios and challenges, we build their confidence so they will be able to protect you and your family even in unfamiliar environments.

To inject the highest levels of realism possible, we will even stage a fake home invasion in your usual place of residence with the dog you intend to purchase. This will provide you with the highest level of assurance that your dog can protect you as intended. We also heavily utilise “hidden sleeves”. These sleeves protect their wearer from a dog’s bite, but are hidden under usual clothing and are key to differentiating and confirming as to whether or not a dog is motivated by protective instincts or simply enjoying biting equipment.

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