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Why Are Protection Dogs So Expensive?

27 Jun 2022

One of the first questions we are often asked after providing potential customers with a quote is why are the dogs we train and sell so expensive? It would be correct to say that they are not cheap with prices running into tens of thousands of pounds for a single dog. However, we firmly believe that our prices are fully justified by the quality of output. It takes enormous amounts of work and dedication to bring any dog even close to the level of the ones we sell. Ultimately, people get what they pay for and cheap working dogs are seldom able to offer appropriate levels of protection and assurance.

Protection Dogs Worldwide’s work begins even before we prior to training a particular dog. First, they will have been carefully selected against a strict set criteria. We know exactly what we are looking for in puppies and young dogs, and would rather return from a foreign trip without any new dogs than compromise on quality. All dogs have inherent abilities and potential, so much of our offer is based on having made early decisions about how we could develop an individual puppy. Just happening to be a Rottweiler or German Shepherd is never enough to quality for family protection work, and untrained dogs – contrary to popular belief – are often more of a liability than anything else.

Once we have chosen to work with a particular dog, training it to the required level takes weeks and even months of dedication. Family protection dogs cannot be mass produced, and training high-level working dogs is an art form in its own right. Huge amounts of skill and knowledge go into training our dogs, so it is natural that our team members’ expertise is reflected in our prices. Overheads such as kennelling, feeding, and veterinary care must also be factored for. Even post-purchase, we continue to support our customers. Our aftercare packages range from simply advising on training issues as and when needed to full board residential courses.

Ultimately, Protection Dogs Worldwide offers the best and most well-rounded family protection dogs available on the international market. We believe our prices fairly reflect how strong our product is, and actually invite you to compare us with our competitors so you can make the most informed decision possible.

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