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Benefits Of Residential Training

25 Apr 2022

Protection Dogs Worldwide offers extensive training programmes, both during the day and on a longer-term residential basis. Our clients have found that residential training offers a number of benefits which you may wish to consider.

The first benefit of residential training is its potential to deliver results. While a longer course is no substitute for you doing your own daily training at home, it may allow your dog to increase its skill levels and abilities faster than you can on your own. Residential training allows dogs round the clock access to experienced handlers and trainers, and clients often comment on how far their pets or working dogs have come after spending time with us.

Another benefit of residential training is its convenience. Residential training is an all inclusive package which includes kennelling, feeding, walks, and enrichment on top of daily sessions. Such an engaging offer is much better for dogs than standard kennelling facilities, so is an excellent way of ensuring your dog is cared for when you are on holiday. Many of our residential clients time such courses to coincide with annual holidays, and find them an effective use of time.

To enquire about booking your dog onto one of our residential training programmes, please contact us via phone, email, or any of our social media feeds.

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