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Why Are Dobermanns Such Popular Protection Dogs?

The Dobermann is one of the most popular breeds used for guarding and protection work. It is so iconic and recognisable that a Dobermann’s silhouette has become our company’s insignia. We believe this has been well-earned. Quite simply, the Dobermann is one of the best breeds for protection work.

In no small part, this is due to its developmental story. The Dobermann was created in a relatively short timeframe over the course of less than twenty years in the late 1880s, specifically to protect a German tax collector while he was at work. Practicalities dictated that protective abilities were integral to this breed’s identity. The Dobermann is first and foremost and guardian, and we believe this is the primary reason it is such a popular protection dog.

Dobermanns are brave, loyal, and tenacious. They form close bonds with their handlers and families, and while formidable at work certainly have an “off switch”. They adapt well to home and family environments, so are far more versatile than a number of other breeds which have been used for guarding purposes. Highly intelligent, the Dobermann thrives on affection, so takes well to family environments.

Dobermanns do best when kept busy and given a job. Although any dog from us will have been trained to protect at a high level, this is built on a strong foundation of obedience. Dobermanns will benefit from a structured ongoing training programme as well as other forms of enrichment such as scentwork, tracking, and agility-based sports.

Aftercare is a huge part of our offering, and we always make sure our clients and dogs are properly looked after post-purchase. We would be happy to advise on any of the areas discussed in this blog, and can be reached through our social media accounts or info@protectiondogs.co.uk.