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Elite Dog Training – Protection Dogs Worldwide

At Protection Dogs Worldwide, we believe we are one of the UK’s best dog training providers. Our results speak for themselves. In the years since we started, we have expanded our operations around the world with a significant foreign customer base. In addition to training and selling elite family protection dogs, we also offer a range of obedience programmes for pet owners.

Dog training is more art than science. It is a skill which must be developed over the course of years of practice, and cannot be quickly or magically acquired. Dog trainers must be sensitive, patient, and understanding of how their actions can shape the dog they are working with. They must also view each dog as an individual and work to its particular needs and abilities. A trainer’s capacity to view the dog they are training as a long-term project demanding short but consistent sessions is also key. Whether we are training basic obedience or more advanced protection, the same principles of realism and consistency both apply.

Whenever we assess a dog before training it, our first consideration is establishing its inherent potential. What we find determines whether or not we can take it on to train as a family protection dog, or if we can place it on one of our bespoke obedience programmes. For us, realism and integrity go hand-in-hand. Elite results are grounded in reality, and we will never overpromise where it is our belief that we could underdeliver.

Whether you have a working dog or family companion, we are happy to begin a discussion about training it to our elite standards. For more information, please contact us through any of our social media feeds, or directly on info@protectiondogs.co.uk.