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Our Three Levels Of Protection Dog Training

29 Oct 2021

In our years of working with personal protection, family protection dogs, and security dogs, we have come to understand that different clients have varying needs. It is for this reason that we have a three tier training system for working with our dogs.

Level 1 dogs are our “basic” package. These dogs are fully obedient, accustomed to home settings, and will protect on command. Level 2 dogs do everything a Level 1 dog can as well as premise searching, objecting guarding, defending against multiple attackers, and even vehicle attacks. They can also find and hold an adversary.

Elite dogs are our most advanced dogs who have been through the highest levels of training. This is a detailed and bespoke package we tailor to each client’s specific needs. While there is a baseline of what an Elite dog’s capabilities are, we spend significant amounts of time and effort on understanding what our client requires, and delivering them the best product possible.

Elite dogs are also set apart by the amount of environmental training they are taken through before reaching their new homes. We aim to expose them to a wide range of different environments so they are fully conditioned to the real world, as well as settings and scenarios they are likely to encounter there. Our Elite dogs also come with two years of aftercare, which is discussed in fuller detail during the sales process.

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