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What Are the Pros And Cons Of Getting A German Shepherd Dog?

The German Shepherd Dog is perhaps the ultimate canine guardian and protector. It is one of the most popular breeds for family protection work, and is a stalwart of military and police working dog sections around the world. It is one of our favourite breeds for family protection work, but – as with anything – goes with certain pros and cons.

The only unavoidable con of a German Shepherd Dog is its coat and the amount it sheds. German Shepherd Dogs have two coat layers, and while they do have periodic times in a year with significant shedding, smaller amounts will be lost on an ongoing basis. German Shepherd Dogs also require daily grooming. With this in mind, a German Shepherd Dog may be simply too high maintenance for some potential owners who would instead prefer a dog with a short lesser-shedding coat. If you or any of your family members are allergic to dogs, then this may be triggered by a German Shepherd Dog’s shedding.

If this is not an issue for you, though, there are many pros of owning a German Shepherd Dog as a family protection dogs for saleFrom a security perspective, they are formidable protectors and often act as a strong deterrent against would-be intruders or attackers. The German Shepherd Dog is instantly recognisable, and given its reputation, few are willing to risk a bite to steal valuables. Deterrence is a highly effective first line of defence, and perhaps more desirable than a physical intervention involving a bite and apprehension.

Another pro of owning a German Shepherd Dog is their high level of intelligence. German Shepherd Dogs were bred to work in pastoral settings, both for herding sheep and protecting property. They are very responsive to training, and thrive when given a job or regular mental stimulation. A German Shepherd Dog may demand more work and owner involvement than breeds such as the Greyhound or English Bulldog, but they are capable of far more so are extremely rewarding.

By their nature, German Shepherd Dogs are affectionate and form strong bonds with their families and handlers. They also have playful tendencies. Together, these attributes make them excellent with children. A family protection dog must be able to act as a pet as well as a guardian, and the German Shepherd Dog is comfortably able to balance both requirements.