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The Top Breeds of Protection Dog

18 Oct 2016

A properly trained protection dog offers you a level of personal safety that other security measures simply cannot match. The vast range of efficient protection dog breeds is so vast, that every single one of us is able to find the canine that is perfect for us and for our requirements. All of our dogs are professionally trained to a high standard, making sure that they keep you safe and also become part of the family.

But when it comes to choosing your protection dog, you might just find that the wealth of options available to you is a little overwhelming. After all, each and every one of our dogs is capable of keeping you safe, so how do you know which breed is right for you?

Well, fortunately we’re here to walk you through the top breeds of protection dog and to give you a little help with choosing which is the one for you.

Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzers are known for their sheer power and size. They have a shuddering bark and a bite to go along with it, and they are perfect for intimidating any potential threats to keep them at bay. They require a lot of attention- but your time will be rewarded with unbreakable loyalty and dedication to keeping you safe.

German Shepherd

These dogs are incredibly intelligent and therefore an excellent breed to train. Due to the fact that they are bred to herd, this means that they are accustomed to keeping an eye out for threats and staying alert at all times. They are incredibly loyal and fearless, and will do whatever it takes to ensure your safety.


The sheer athleticism of the Doberman pinscher means that it is an incredibly fast canine- therefore, an intruder or threat would have no hope of outrunning one. They are commonly known as the 5th smartest dog breed that money can buy, and this high level of intelligence makes them incredibly loyal and difficult to outsmart. Just the sight of a Doberman is enough to deter any potential threats.


This is another breed that will probably keep you safe by just making its presence known to any threats. You need to make sure that you introduce this breed to any guests in your house, as the Rottweiler can be very pleasant with family and friends, but they can also turn fierce once they detect any threatening behaviour. They are another example of a loyal dog breed that are more than capable of improving your security.

Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is an incredibly courageous breed of protection dog that keeps you safe through its strength and power. Known for the large size of its head, the Cane Corso is valued immeasurably in Italy as a personal bodyguard, and will also integrate itself comfortably as part of the family.

At Protection Dogs, we have a wide variety of protection dogs for sale which includes all of the above breeds, so please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team for any further information on the animals we have available.

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