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Everything You Need To Know About Doberman Pinschers

When it comes to your own safety and the security of your home, there are very few things in life that come close to being so important. It’s no secret that a well-trained protection dog offers you a certain standard of security that other measures just cannot match. Your CCTV camera, the remote controlled gate, your double glazed windows- these are all things that can be bypassed by a potential threat. With a protection dog, you are ensuring your own safety 24/7, while simultaneously giving yourself a loving companion. However, there is such a wide variety of dog breeds out there, that it can become tricky for you to pick out the one that’s right for you. Amongst these breeds is the Doberman pinscher, and we’re here today to give you everything you need to know about this incredible breed of dog:

  • The first thing you should know is that the Doberman is still a relatively young breed, and they’ve only been around for 150 years or so. They were first bred in Germany by a man called Herr Karl Louis Doberman- a tax collector who needed a way of protecting himself due to the amount of money he was handling on a daily basis.
  • As the Doberman pinscher was bred specifically for the purpose of being someone’s protection dog, owners are keen to address any areas that could potentially be injured on the animal. For example, many Doberman’s will have their naturally floppy ears docked so as to avoid the risk of an ear infection.
  • The Doberman is one of the most intelligent animals available today, meaning that they are perfect for training and will stay loyal to their owners. This high level of intelligence also makes it difficult for any potential threats to outsmart the dog, therefore heightening your own personal security.
  • On top of their intelligence, Doberman pinschers are also incredibly athletic, meaning that they are perfect for keeping you safe. This athleticism and strength means that they can deal with any threats to your safety and you won’t have to worry too much about the dog’s own well-being- Doberman’s can certainly look after themselves.
  • If you want a quick insight into how heroic a Doberman can be, then let us introduce you to Kurt. Kurt was a canine within World War 2, and was the first casualty of the Battle of Guam in 1944. Kurt’s job was to run ahead of troops to warn them of approaching troops- he managed to save the soldiers, but was killed by an enemy grenade. Kurt the Doberman was buried in the United States Marine Corps War Dog Cemetery.
  • As to their physical qualities, Doberman’s are a medium sized canine and typically reach up to 27 inches in height. They are different to other short-haired breeds as their coat molts, which are typically black and tan in colour.
Doberman pinschers are a fascinating breed of dog, and we have simply touched upon the surface of their interesting history. We have a wide variety of breeds of protection dogs for sale here at Protection Dogs Worldwide, so please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team for further information on how our canines can benefit your security.