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Scenario Training for Working Dogs

10 Oct 2023

In our years of experience, we have learned that scenario training is vital for all working dogs. While it can be relatively simple to teach basic tasks in a controlled environment, real working dogs must be tested in conditions as close as possible to where they will operate. Scenarios allow trainers to replicate these conditions, establish how a working dog will perform under them, and tailor future training sessions accordingly.

At Protection Dogs Worldwide, we look at how our dogs will be living with their families and work backwards from there. For example, as they will be integrated into the family home, we ensure that their training prepares them for that way of life. All our dogs learn how to live in normal home settings, are regularly taken home by our trainers, and conditioned for what they are likely to encounter as a family’s pet. Once we have established this along with a baseline of basic obedience and protection, we can bring them together with realistic scenarios in these kinds of environments.

Scenario training allows us establish whether or not our dogs can perform as expected in realistic settings which mimic real life, and build on that to develop their skills and capabilities. Biting and releasing on command is all very well in a sterile and distraction-free training facility, but of little value unless a dog can be relied on to perform in genuine operational situations. For example, as real burglars and attackers do not use heavily padded bite sleeves when breaking into a property or assault a principal, we ensure all our dogs bite on covert sleeves that cannot clearly be seen.

Our scenario training offer also extends to post-purchase aftercare, and we often visit clients around the world to deliver realistic scenarios for them and their dog where they live and work. This is, in many ways, the ultimate test and validation for our training and development where all our efforts culminate.

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