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11 Jan 2022

Protection Dogs Worldwide have again begun to offer comprehensive training and obedience courses for dogs of all ages, including puppies. These training and obedience courses are run from our East Riding of Yorkshire headquarters, and are designed to offer the highest levels of flexibility and convenience. Our training can be delivered in a regular and modular format for local clients, or on a residential basis for those who live further afield. We have found the residential option to be particularly popular with holidaying clients who require dog boarding as well.

Our training packages are breed agnostic, meaning that we will happily accept and work with all dogs. Our only prerequisite is successful completion of an initial training and potential assessment to establish how trainable your dog is. Integrity is of enormous importance to us. Rather than promise what we cannot achieve, we instead prefer to find out a dog’s trainability ,then making an offer based on that.

All training is tailored to each owner and their dog, and need not only focus on protection work and capabilities. Many clients bring us their puppies for obedience crash courses, as well as older dogs who may never have received any formal training. Whatever your need is, we will try to accommodate it following an initial assessment.

To find out more about our training services or book an assessment, please email [email protected].

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