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Are German Shepherd Dogs Good For Personal Protection?

11 Jan 2022

Many breeds have historically been utilised for guarding and personal protection work, but one that has stood out since its inception is the German Shepherd Dog. While the German Shepherd Dog, is just one of a handful of breeds we work with, we have found it to be the ultimate family and personal protection dog. Combining the requisite levels of intelligence, courage, and friendliness with well-established temperamentally sound breeding lines, the German Shepherd Dog is an ultimate working dog.

Despite its original pastoral roots, the German Shepherd Dog’s identity as an all-purpose farm dog give it the characteristics required for personal protection work. The breed is intelligent, curious, active, and protective. It thrives when mentally stimulated meaning that it naturally takes to working homes or high-level training, so is remarkably versatile. German Shepherd Dogs have excelled in police, military, security, home, and service settings. Few other breeds have successfully fulfilled such a wide range of tasks.

As a personal protection dog, the German Shepherd Dog is almost unrivaled. It does well in family environments and forms strong bonds with its people, yet will protect with formidable levels of courage and determination. The German Shepherd Dog has a well-earned reputation as an outstanding breed for personal protection, and their presence alone goes a long way in deterring would-be intruders and attackers.

We usually hold a number of trained German Shepherd Dogs ready to begin working as a family and personal protection dogs for sale. To find out more, please email [email protected].

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