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Protection Dogs Worldwide presents “ODYSSEY”

23 Sep 2021

Protection Dogs Worldwide presents “ODYSSEY” TRAILER

Following popular demand we are excited to announce the launch of our exclusive “Odyssey” docuseries! Watch this space for more…

Odyssey – Episode 1: The Journey Begins

Protection Dogs Worldwide is the UK and Europe’s leading family protection dog trainer and dealer. With years of experience and huge amounts of expertise in canine behavioural science, our dogs are valued across the world. This is the first episode of an exclusive docuseries offering an insight into the work we do, who our people are, and of course the dogs.

Odyssey Episode 2: Foundations | Protection Dogs Worldwide

How does it all start? Where does the magic happen? Foundations are key, and Episode 2 of Odyssey shows some of the groundwork we put into our internationally sought-after family protection dogs.

Odyssey – Episode 3: Progress | Protection Dogs Worldwide

Leedor takes us on a journey with developing the breeds he and the rest of the PDW team work with. We also join Beth and Grace for an insight into their work with Protection Dogs Worldwide.

Odyssey Episode 4 | Protection Dogs Worldwide

A look into a day in the life of the PDW team. Protection development was a priority, with each dog at a different stage of its training.

Odyssey Episode 5 – Luring

Join our trainers for a look into how we develop our protection dogs’ training through using luring. This is technique is easy to replicate, and one which all dog owners would benefit from utilising.

Odyssey Episode 6

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23 Sep 2021

Residential Dog Boot Camp Training

Residential dog boot camp training is a service we have recently begun to offer alongside our more traditional personal protection dog training. Based in our South East Yorkshire training facility just outside the city of Hull, we are able to work with all breeds and types, including both pets…

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