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Residential Dog Boot Camp Training

Residential dog boot camp training is a service we have recently begun to offer alongside our more traditional personal protection dog training. Based in our South East Yorkshire training facility just outside the city of Hull, we are able to work with all breeds and types, including both pets and working animals. This service is open to all, not just protection dog owners.

Residential boot camp style dog training offers many benefits, with the greatest being that they give dogs and trainers the most possible exposure to each other. Dogs tend to have relatively short attention spans, so a residential course allows us to undertake several briefer sessions throughout a day every day for as long as your dog is with us. This generates remarkable results, and part of our post-training handover always involves showing owners how to maintain these gains.

We also recommend residential boot camps because of the potential they offer for environmental training. It is easy to train certain behaviours in sterile and controlled settings such as barns and compounds, but whether or not they can be relied on in the real world is altogether another question. By taking your dog’s training around unfamiliar humans, other animals, and settings such as town centres, we will ensure that what we have taught it has been truly internalised, and can be relied on wherever you go.

Prior to any training with us, we will assess your dog to establish what level it is at, and what its capacity to learn is. We do not believe in making false promises, and it is very important to us that training and behavioural gains we offer are reflective of your dog’s potential. During their stay, they will be lodged in luxury kennels, fed a nutritious diet, and provided with daily walks and enrichment activities along with carefully planned and tailored training sessions.

To find out more about our residential boot camp training courses or book your dog onto one, please email info@protectiondogs.co.uk. One of our team will shortly be back in touch with you for an initial consultation.