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20 Feb 2018

When choosing a specific breed of protection dog, consideration should be given to which breed will best fit your lifestyle. Many clients join us at Protection Dogs Worldwide with the opinion of knowing what breed would best suit there family but leave with a different perspective. It’s always our aim to get to know our clients and advise on the breed and specific dog which will fit in with their family and lifestyle. We do this simply for success, choosing the right dog is essential for a smooth bonding, settling in period and a happy client.

For example: The Cane corso is not a dog to take hiking, its best suited to a more sedate laid-back lifestyle. A Doberman likes to be with you, it’s not know as a shadow dog for nothing. Its short coat isn’t suited for external living and prefers to be with you next to the fire. All that being said, we do find exceptions in every breed and its our aim to use our experience to guide you into making the right choice for your family. Whatever your initial preference (German Shepherd, Doberman, Cane Corso, Giant Schnauzer, Presa Canario , Belgium Malinois etc.) call and speak with a member of the team.

Pre sale the client is encouraged to attend our facility to spend time with their new family protection dog, take it for a walk and generally start to build a positive relationship. If this isn’t possible then the team will go through this process on the handover at the client’s home.

During the handover / placement period the team takes time to work with the family to settle the dog into its new home. The first weeks of placement are important and its essential to remember that you have a new dog, a new family member, the protection elements are only introduced once we believe the bonding period is complete. Why don’t we show the protection immediately? Firstly the initial handover can be stressful for both owner and dog, we believe its only ethical to settle the dog and owner prior to introducing further stress. The owner has a great deal to take in and we find that an information overload benefits no-one.

The first elements we introduce within the bonding period is general obedience and control exercises. These exercises help the owner bond with their dog and helps the dog understand and comply with its new owners instructions. Its important to remember that the dogs are not robots and the partnership is as new to the dog as it is to you.

The team is always on hand during this period with direct contact with the head trainers to discuss any issues and give guidance to aid the initial settlement

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