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Which dog is best for home security?

8 Feb 2018

We believe the answer to this question is simple; A dog that has been suitably trained not only to live as a family pet but also as a guardian, who will respond to any threat on command without question. A protection dog which is loyal, trustworthy, obedient and courageous whilst still remaining calm and level headed under pressure.

The next question to ask is which breed would suit your lifestyle? Would the breed genetics be suitable to complete the required training? And do you know enough about working canines and differences within your selected breed to make an informed decision? Our advice to all our customers is to contact Protection Dogs Worldwide for a chat.
At Protection Dogs Worldwide we have a wealth of experience from a number of different sectors, this allows us to combine our knowledge to select, train and supply multiple breeds. We have a regular supply of high quality German Shepherds, Dobermann and Cane Corso but we don’t rest on these 3 breeds. Due to our own passion in training & supplying different breeds we have been successful in supplying elite trained family protection Great Danes, Presa Canario, Boxer, Rottweiler, Belgium Malinois, Dutch Herder and Giant Schnauzer.

All the breeds mentioned in this blog can (in the right hands and with the right training) make exceptional family protection dogs, but the dog needs to be able to fit in with your lifestyle and it must be suitable to excel within obedience and protection training.
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