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Protection Dogs Worldwide – Guard Dog v’s Family Protection Dog

Increase in knife and gun crime on the rise again not only in the UK but also across Europe (if not the world). As Police budgets become stretched home owners are resorting to trained family protection dogs. But what is a family protection dog? Isn’t it just a guard dog?

A guard dog is a dog that works off its own instincts and abilities, its acts without guidance and makes its own choices. Also known as a watch dog or yard dog they are stereotypically large breeds dogs which are contained to a specific area. They can be indiscriminate to whom they attack but are usually protective of immediate family members. These dogs are typically untrained and can be deemed as dangerous and unpredictable. In many countries it is illegal to sell guard dogs.

Protection dogs or Family protection dogs is a trained protection dog which reacts on command or within specific threat scenarios. At all other times a trained (family) protection dog should remain neutral. They should have a strong bond with their immediate family but also welcoming or unbiased to guests. Their training allows them to switch on and off as commanded by the owner.

At protection dogs worldwide we specialise in selecting the right dogs who are able to excel on our training programmed. Not every dog can complete our programmed successfully, we put a great emphasis on selecting the right genetics that not only give us a dog which has the ability to learn both the protection and obedience’s phases but also a dog which has the ability to switch off and become neutral on request. In our opinion this element is essential for all family protection dogs and one area which stand it above the traditional stereotypical guard dog.