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Protection Dogs Worldwide and Rottweilers

For a number of years, Protection Dogs Worldwide has specialised in training and dealing three main breeds: German Shepherd Dogs, Cane Corsos, and the Dobermann Pinscher. While their popularity and temperaments make them the most natural candidates for family protection work, we have occasionally worked with other breeds including the Belgian Malinois, Boxer, Great Dane, and Giant Schnauzer. More recently though, we have begun to source Rottweilers, and look forward to offering them to clients alongside our more established breeds.

Rottweilers have a strong reputation for protection work and guarding. Their size, loud bark, and protective nature have the potential to make them excellent protectors. Unfortunately, years of poor breeding has diluted previously strong and highly driven working lines. This has led to temperamentally unsound dogs we would not view as being appropriate for family protection work. However, on occasion, this is not the case, and we recently sourced a number of Rottweilers that meet our very specific requirements to train as family protection dogs.

Rottweilers developed in Germany, and are the descendants of the ancient Molosser type guardian dog. Large and muscular, their original purpose was to herd cattle, and protect the money livestock-owning merchants brought to and from market. Combing high degrees of intelligence with work drive and a willingness to protect, they are recognised as being highly capable and diverse working dogs. As a Molosser related to Mastiff-type breeds, Rottweilers are strong-willed, but form very close bonds with those closest to them. A Rottweiler’s courage and loyalty are legendary, which are just two of the factors that make them so suited for family protection work.

As with all of the dogs we offer our clients, our Rottweilers will have been carefully selected at the formative stage of their puppyhood after undergoing extensive temperamental testing to assess their suitability. On arriving at Protection Dogs Worldwide’s training facility their initial development is primarily based on obedience work to build reliability and dog-handler bonding. Once a dog can be relied on to follow commands – both on and off leash – we will begin to develop its protection abilities. Rottweilers have one of the strongest bite forces of all dog breeds. This fact is well known, and in an increasingly violent society, Rottweilers provide one of the strongest and most recognisable deterrents against would-be attackers and intruders.

Rottweilers suit a very particular type of owner. The perfect Rottweiler owner will understand the importance of consistency in a dog’s life to promote obedience and wellbeing, as well as how and when to assert themselves. They should also be active and know how to allow their dogs to exercise their intelligence with puzzles, regular obedience training, and even tracking. Rottweilers often enjoy agility courses, and these are an excellent way to supplement their regular daily exercise walks.

Protection Dogs Worldwide is currently working on developing a young Rottweiler called Puma, and she is showing exceptional potential as a family protection dog. If you may be interested in seeing if Puma, or other Rottweilers we train in the future are the family protection dog for you, then please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.