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Benefits of Using a Protection Dog – Protection Dogs Worldwide

10 Dec 2019

A family protection dog is an absolute investment in your own, your family, and your property’s security. For thousands of years, dogs have been utilised for guardianship and security purposes, and they have proven their worth in these areas many times over. While the best way to truly experience and understand the number of significant benefits using a protection dog offers is to own one, this article will offer an outline of what they are.

One of the greatest benefits of using a protection dog is how dynamic and flexible it can be. Electronic systems can fail during power outages, or be hacked and sabotaged by a sophisticated adversary. Security staff such as residential security teams are susceptible to human error and less effective in extreme weather conditions, and are ultimately corruptible by the highest bidder. In contrast to this, there are far fewer ways to beat the dog. While all dogs bond strongly with their owners, the breeds we specialise in training and dealing are legendary for their loyalty. It takes time to develop a bond with your protection dog, but once you have achieved this, their capacity to work for and please you is undeniable.

Another benefit protection dogs offer is their immediate deterrence value. While many houses are equipped with burglar alarms and CCTV, their utility against a truly determined assailant is limited, especially in isolated areas. Homeowners rarely set alarms when they are at home, and CCTV is only immediately useful if it is being monitored with an integrated response capacity. Because of its heightened sense of hearing, a protection dog will be aware of any potential intruders long before you are, and have been trained to alert you through constant barking. A protection dog is also more likely to be able to detect surveillance being conducted on your property, and its reactivity often acts as an additional layer of deterrence before any break-in is attempted.

Protection dogs are also significantly more dynamic and flexible than almost all other security systems. A bonded dog will follow its handler wherever they go, and seek to remain close at all times. It is highly unlikely that a trained German Shepherd Dog, Cane Corso, or Dobermann Pinscher will ever stray far from your side, offering you the closest levels of protection. All of our dogs undergo significant socialisation and environmental training before being offered to clients, meaning that they are accustomed to and comfortable in a wide range of settings that they may need to work in. A protection dog will defend its owner anywhere, and to increase their versatility Protection Dogs Worldwide recently introduced a new counter-vehicle hijacking training programme.

One of the greatest benefits of a protection dog, especially for clients with families and young children, is the companionship they offer. Despite their obvious utility for hunting and security, even the earliest dogs were prized as companions, and this characteristic has endured to the present day. While the breeds Protection Dogs Worldwide specialises in training and dealing have historically been used for guarding purposes, they are also known for being extremely affectionate. While training our dogs, we expose them to family environments, and would never sell a dog we would not trust with our own families. Temperamental soundness is of imperative importance to us, and all of our dogs must first be able to act as family pets, and simply enjoyed for being a dog.

These are only a few of the benefits a trained protection dog can offer you and your family. If you would like to learn more about why you should consider purchasing a family protection dog, please do not hesitate to call us for more information. We would be more than happy to help you in any way we can, and frequently welcome potential clients to our training facility near Hull in the North East of England.

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